Happiness Delivered

So I think I can safely say I have tried pretty much every product that came in my Ipsy bag and my Birchbox. So here are my actual reviews of them all.




alessandro – Nail Polish in Blue Lagoon: I am all for blue nail polish every now and then but this is like the 23847329 one that they have sent me! haha. Anyways, the color was just ok. I liked it better in certain lighting but it wasn’t a constant color of happiness. The other big thing about this nail polish is that it didn’t last more than 24 hours which was a total bummer. It was a good sized sample too. Oh well. You win some you lose some.

Harvey Prince – Skinny Chic: Holy crap this stuff smells AMAZING! I’m not too sure about the name but the smell is awesome. The other great thing about this, is that it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg like most perfumes do. This one comes in a few different sizes that range from $21-55 bucks, which is totally cool. If I ever run out of all these tiny perfume samples that BB sends me, I will buy this one.

Ojon – damage reverse Instant Restoration Hair Serum: It is that tiny perfume sized sample that is on the right in the photo above. Well I guess it was fine to give me such a small sample because I hated it. Yes I did try it out more than once just in case, but no it still was terrible. It made my hair look really stringy and unclean. The one good thing it did was make my hair super soft for that day but that didn’t make up for the dirty looking hair.

theBalm cosmetics – Put A Lid On It Primer: I am not a user of primers. I don’t like the way they make my face feel like it has makeup on. But this one works pretty well and I wasn’t allergic to it, so that was a plus. The sample size seemed to have a lot in it considering that you need a very minimal amount. It will be nice for formal occasions and stuff like that but I can’t see myself using it every day. I do actually really like theBalm products though. Especially their Hot Mama Blush, which has become my favorite blush of all time!

Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream: I have this weird thing about stuff that I put on my face. I am super picky and when I find a product that works, it is hard for me to switch to a different product. I don’t like change. That being said. I wont be switching from my normal face lotion. For one thing, a bottle of it is $42 and I just cannot justify that. And 2, this cream felt really thick. I felt like it wouldn’t rub in all the way. If you are looking for a face cream, I really love the Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer. It is great for my sensitive skin and isn’t scented. It is totally light so you can’t feel it on your face either. AND it has SPF15 in it (without smelling like sunscreen) which makes it even better.

So that was my BB. The only thing that I really liked was the perfume. everything else was just meh.


IMAG0594Before I begin I feel the need to apologize for this terrible photo and that things pictured are actually a lot larger than they look.

Nailtini – Nail Polish “Frappe”I love a good neutral nail polish. I think it is just so fresh and clean looking (so fresh and so clean, clean). So that being said, I loved it. I really like this brand too. The brush is flat and wide so it makes painting your nails much easier. I received a glitter one a few months back in my bag and totally loved that one too. The best thing about these polishes? They are full size and retail more than the bag itself costs. Totally in love.

Josie Maran – 100% Pure Argan OilSo this oil stuff I need more time to try out before I give an honest review of if. I will say this, though, you can use it on anything that needs hydration. Your hair, skin, cuticles, face, you name it. So that is pretty awesome AND it is 100% organic which is nice too. It is a really generous sized sample too.

Pacifica – Tuscan Blood Orange Mini Body Butter: This lotion feels pretty awesome. My only complaint is the smell. I know many people LOVE the smell of this, but orangeyness is just not a nice scent for my nose. It is nice and hydrating though. If you are looking for a good hand lotion that I think smells amazing (I think it smells like Christmas, but not too strong though) you should try out this one.

Big Sexy Hair – Spray & Play Volumizing HairsprayI only really had one complaint about this hairspray – the smell. I have a weird sense of smell I think, and I just wasn’t a fan of this smell. But, it was a nice hairspray. It wasn’t sticky and it didn’t leave my hair too crunchy either. I am not sure how “volumizing” it is but other than that, it is worth checking out. I linked it to the Ulta website, but I see this brand at Marshall’s ALL the time for WAAAAY cheaper, BTWs. (Oh, and when I say BTWs – I am pronouncing it B-T-Dubz.)

SOHO – “Get a Grip” Crease BrushI haven’t yet tried this brush out yet. But it is really soft and it has a tri grip to it so it makes it not so slippery to hold. You can get it at wallgreens apparently. I am not one to know many  any thing about makeup brushes. I kinda just pretend and if it works it works, so thats all you really get from me on this one lol. I will have to try it out though.

That is what I got in both bags/boxes. I am using what I got in my Ipsy bag way more than what I got in my BB. And I know my photos aren’t the best BUT the sample sizes in my Ipsy bag were MUCH larger than BBs samples. Especially with the oils and the polishes. So thats what I think of everything. But both are hit or miss for the most part. I tried to do this post a little later after I had tried out everything so that you didn’t just keep seeing the same post all over again. Next month I promise better photos.

Do you get Birchbox or Ipsy? What do you think of them? Do you like one over the other? I am totally curious.

4 thoughts on “Happiness Delivered

    • BB has been sort of a let down the past well for a while now. But I am one of those people who fears that as soon as I quit they will get good again and I won’t be able to resubscribe because of the waitlist thing lol. I am not good at waiting….

      I totally love my Ipsy bag every month though. I hope they keep up the good work 🙂

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