I Love Shopping.

I love shopping…especially when I don’t have to spend any money to do it!

I have been wanting to try out a detox/cleanse for a while now. I eat a lot of junk. Plus, I don’t think it would hurt. But anyways, I told my mom this and she, being the super awesome mom she is, brought me some detox tea!


My mom works for a company that buys and sells herbs and they had samples of this so she brought me home a box. We will see how this works.

Ever since I participated in the blogger book swap, I have been on a reading frenzy. All I want to do is read and get lost in a book. Well, I had dinner last night with my friend Marlee. I love that girl. She is awesome. If you know of any cute red headed boys that dirt bike and/or snowboard that are single, let me know. Thats all she wants haha. Enough with pimping out my friends… and I was telling her how I wanted needed more books to read because I have been going through them so fast. My only problem was that books are expensive and I am cheap. No no no…get your mind out of the gutter. I just don’t like spending money on…well…anything. And books especially because I read them once and then I never read them again. (Unless we are talking about Twilight here, but we aren’t. So moving on.)

Marlee decided to solve some of my problems. We went back to her house and basically she sent me home with a bag filled with stuff. 🙂


WHAAAT! I told you she was awesome!
She sent me home with:

IMAG0654 4 Lauren Conrad books! (I love LC, I am hoping her books are good.)

IMAG06552 DVDs that I have been dying to watch.
IMAG0656and some BB products that she decided she was never going to use. I absolutely LOVE the Oscar Blandi spray and I have been dying to try the Benefit eye cream.

So I feel as though I basically won the lottery. I have some super awesome people in my life.

I hope you all have a FABULOUS Monday!


8 thoughts on “I Love Shopping.

  1. Tell me how those LC books are, I’m very curios about her as a writer. You need to get yourself a library card. All the books you want and FREE! I still buy books sometimes (Like the new Bloodlines book that comes out tomorrow) but it has saved me tons of money.

    • I actually have had a library card my entire life! AndI live walking distance from the library. I really do need to get back to going there more.

      I will definitely let you know. I love LC but I don’t know how her books are going to be lol. We will see. I am sure they will be fun to read no matter what. (knock on wood)

    • I will let you know! I have never used an eye cream before, but I have started using benefit as my main makeup so I am looking forward to trying more of their products.

  2. I love getting free stuff from friends! My BFF reads all the time, so I get her castoffs every time I visit her (she lives in another city). Happy reading, watching, and beautifying!

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