High 5 For Friday!

This week was filled with a few ups and downs but we made it! I am definitely looking forward to this weekend though. So many fun things are planned and I really can’t wait 🙂

Here are my 5 awesome things that happened over this past week!

Screenshot_2013-02-14-17-37-121. Most important on my H54F list….There is a Tamagotchi App!!!! UMMMMM WHHAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT!!!!! Cody found out and I immediately downloaded it! So excited! I totally had like 10 (ok probably more like 2) of these when I was little! AND it is only for Android phones! Suck it iPhone!!
(I am only bitter because apple gets all the cool apps that I can’t have, like vine. I really want vine!)
IMG_16922. Our roommate is AWESOME. I came home and he was cooking a lot of chicken and I jokingly said “you’re making me dinner too?” He hadn’t really planned on it but he totally ended up making me dinner 🙂 Chicken, bacon, and cheese 🙂 SOOGOOD!

3. I am not one to really celebrate Valentine’s day BUT this was probably the BEST vday dinner I could have ever asked for! Grilled cheese with tomatoes and avocado and tomato soup!
PS. That Star Wars cup is Cody’s. I HATE Star Wars.

4. I made these cheesecake brownies (mine weren’t this pretty) a while back and now Starbucks has started making them. This is both awesome and dangerous and actually pretty terrible. Awesome because this means instant gratification. Dangerous, because I could really just make them at home but this is easier. Terrible, because they are like 3 bucks for ONE STINKIN BROWNIE at starbucks and it costs less to make a whole batch of them at home but I still buy them at Starbucks……fab-ab-february5. I am so proud that I have not missed a day! Are you guys doing this challenge??? I am super happy that tomorrow is a rest day! It is getting so much harder!
(Doing this cancels out all those cheesecake brownies, right)

So that was my week! How was yours??

PS. Do you watch Hart of Dixie? Well I love that show and last night Cody and I watched “Waiting for Forever” and both Zoe AND Lemon were in it! Crazy!


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