Happy Day Off???

Well I have no clue what holiday it is only that Cody has the day off today :)) I guess that’s what happens when you technically don’t have days off… SO that being said…HAPPY DAY OFF! If you have it! If not, I hope you have an awesome Monday and that it is not too hectic!

Have you heard of House Of Cards? It is a made for Netflix show and it is super intense. I am kinda hooked though.


Also, I am pretty stoked that I have completed every day of my Fab Ab February so far! I have had to figure out a new way to do push ups since I hurt my hand somehow…BOO.

fab-ab-februaryAre you doing this super easy workout routine??

I know this post is pretty half assed BUT it is a holiday and more importantly, I am watching House Of Cards and am totally distracted. I’mnotsorry.



4 thoughts on “Happy Day Off???

  1. I love the Fab Ab Feb calendar kind of workouts…they make me feel so accomplished 🙂 I found them all on pinterest, along with the Blogilates calendar, which I like even more since it links to actual video workouts. Here’s the link in case you want to look at it! The videos are all on youtube.

    Allie @ callmesassafras.wordpress.com

    P.s. I just started my blog, so it would be much appreciated if anyone wants to check it out!

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