The Sketchy-ness Of Craigslist.

The awesomeness of my creepy almost job interview. First of all, I found it on Craigslist. I am pretty not so stupid when it comes to creepy things on the internet and spam and what not and from this company’s very first response to me, I felt a total creep vibe. We have all gotten those send me your name address age sex blah blah blah things that they aren’t allowed to ask you and already promising you the position even though they have never met you but this one wasn’t like that. It was weird.

It was supposed to be for an entry level marketing position. I had replied to the posting and literally got a response within 24 hours. Which is normally totally awesome. They sent me an email asking me to respond to their questions, not too unheard of. Well, I didn’t even get a chance to reply because they called within 2 hours of me getting the email saying they wanted to set up an interview. So they seem to have a lot of time on their hands and maybe they really liked my resume? A little weird but not completely unusual, right?

We set up a phone interview for the next day or whatever. They were 45 minutes late to the interview. Not creepy but a little rude. They asked me super vague questions that really gave them no insight into my life or if I would be a good fit for their company. Still not too creepy.

When they went to explain what the job actually was, it was super vague and didn’t really explain anything. Like at all. I am still clueless. I am a person who doesn’t like to beat around the bush if I don’t have to and I really like to know what I am getting myself into before diving in head first (wow that was a lot of cliches). Also, I don’t really want to waste anyone’s time. Thats fair, right?

They ended up wanting to meet me in person for my formal interview but they wouldn’t give me the location of the interview until the day of…sorta weird. They did send me a generic email giving me a small list of their clients that they had and that I should try to familiarize myself with them before the interview. The websites were extremely poorly made and of companies I had never heard of. And if I found their websites randomly, I would not have felt comfortable buying off their sites…

I tried to look up the company’s website but it was like the others and poorly made and really vague. Their facebook page had all of 40 likes (for a marketing company that has been around for a while, I find this strange. When googling the company there wasn’t much. I found a few forums of people asking questions about this place (mostly if it was legit or what the job was) but nobody had answers…Also strange.

They finally sent me the email saying that my interview would be at a Sam’s Club 45 minutes away from where they advertised their office was….ummm what? AND according to Sam’s Club’s policy, I needed to give them my info for a background check before I went…..No. I don’t think so.

These things might not seem strange one at a time BUT all of them together?? I was super sketched out. I felt as though if I went, I would be sold into some human trafficking business. Totally uneasy.

After talking to my Mom, Dad, Cody, and a few friends I decided to tell them that I was just not comfortable going.

This may have been a legit company BUT I was so uncomfortable that I just couldn’t do it.

So that’s my story. I hope it wasn’t too boring. I wrote this really late last night so it isn’t very witty….nor does it have any photos which is totally lame…oops.


6 thoughts on “The Sketchy-ness Of Craigslist.

  1. Craigslist is always a mixed bag… back 5 years ago it was the “hip” place to sale goods or pass along “free curbside finds” but now that it’s popular its just a trolling board for creeps, spammers, and really scary people. I have been really lucky and gotten some awesome deals from it – but I would never give anyone any kind of personal information that I met or was planning on meeting up with from there – for any reason. You did good not going!

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