High 5 For Friday!

Oh hey guys, in case you didn’t know…it s Friday. I am completely sore, like don’t wanna move unless I am getting chocolate and even then, sore. BUT it was a great week and it is almost over. AND there is only 1 more day of my fab ab feb and then I get a day off. Is February over yet? I am so over this thing.

Here are my 5 awesome things that happened this week 🙂

webIMAG06921. Yes I posted this photo yesterday BUT it was my top thing that gave me happiness this week. IT SNOWED! AND it was a blue bird day! Look at the fresh pow! And all the trees were covered. Best day of skiing in a long time.

IMAG07142. I have found a new love for olives. And olive bars. I definitely stood at the olive bar in Nugget trying pretty much every olive…at least once….

IMAG07013. I put together a private wine tasting trip for my Dad’s clients after our ski trip on Wednesday. We went to Nello Olivo. Nello had us at his house and hosted it in his gorgeous barn. Seriously amazing.

IMAG07234. I made some bomb lasagna. So good. Recipe to come…hopefully next week, if I can get my act together.

IMG_20130215_1837075. Mini donkeys. he he he. They tried to eat our lunch. I love spending days on the ranch.

and just for your viewing pleasure. I am sure many of you have already seen this floating around the interwebs. But still. I know some of us try to do our hair and if you are like me you watch hair tutorials. Mainly Kate’s but hopefully not this girl…

Happy Friday!


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