It’s 8pm And I Am Already In Bed

Is it bed time yet? I am sooo tired. But many good things are here.

1. Today is the last day of my Fab Ab Feb
2. I went skiing yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL
3. I officially entered into the Rally Savings program for Premier‘s National Rally in Texas in July. (And with one day to spare!)

On those notes…Here are some pictures of me in clothes.

IMG_1187^^^Oh hey, this is an awkward photo….^^^


IMG_1205This is the best “non-crotch-shot” photo I could find of the belt area…too bad you can’t see the belt very well 😦

IMG_1197Don’t worry, this isn’t my stupid face photo…

This is my wind-blown photo…sorta….


But this, now this is my epic stupid face photo. I don’t even have to try to make this face. It just happens like this. Don’t hate. You know you love this mug.
Shirt: Gap
Pants: American Eagle
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Some store in the mall that sells shoes for cheap.
Jewelry: Premier Designs

 photo blog2_zps186f8496.png

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions


5 thoughts on “It’s 8pm And I Am Already In Bed

  1. Such a cute outfit!! Loving that necklace with it especially.

    I’m so glad it’s March tomorrow. Yay for that!

    So fun that you got to go skiing..I’ve never been. Crazy, right?

    • Thanks! I love the necklace but it is one of those I have a hard time finding things to wear it with. (makes it hard to show to customers lol, I am a terrible jewelry lady hahah)

      I find it so strange that some people have never been skiing! I grew up with a lot of friends who had never even seen snow! So weird. It is my family’s business so I have been doing it since I was 2.

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