High 5 For Friday!

I feel like I just wrote this post…like yesterday. Apparently I have been busy. And except for the “fight” I got into with our AC repair man, it was a pretty good week. Actually, my house is totally peaceful right now too. I am having some “me” time. Cody is at hockey game and Paul (our roomie) isn’t home, so it is just me and Ellie bellie chillin’. I really like this. 🙂

Here are 5 awesome things that happened this week!

IMG_20130228_2156391. We started our book club and my books came yesterday! I am really excited for our first meeting and see how it goes 🙂
PS. If you want to do a virtual book club with me let me know!


2. Margarita Day. Duh. This needs no explanation on why it is here. The more tequila the better.

IMAG07583. If buying a cat butt hook at IKEA wasn’t good enough…This was what it comes up as in the computer! WHAAATT!!



IMG_20130228_2214124. One morning, Cody and I drove 45 minutes to go to breakfast at the Train Station. SOGOOD. We love this place.
*Homer Simpson Drool.

images5. This week’s episode of New Girl was awesome. I love this show.

IMG_20130228_100242Bonus: This is how Ellie begs for people food. Adorably.


AND I did all of it! Didn’t miss a day!

Happy Friday!


life rearranged


10 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. i’ve chewed out many a repair man…embrace it. Once my boss caught me on the phone with my apartment manager calling her a ‘disgusting excuse of a person’. no judgement here 🙂

  2. Hey girl, I’m coming over from Lauren’s link up! I saw the name of your blog and had to come check it out! I’m glad I did I have been dying to read Gone Girl, I’ve only heard good things about it! I love reading and would definitely participate in an online book club!


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