What’s In A Name.

I have an unusual blog name. It has dirty and underwear in the title (all quite innocent when read together), but because of this, I get a lot of hits from search engines from people searching for really weird stuff. I feel the need to share with you because, honestly, they make me laugh and think people are strange.

PS. I have had multiple hits from a few of these….

***** UPDATE. This one came in 3/6….
“boys dirty underwear swaps”
EW. hahahha

1. how to get your underpants not dirty

2. eagles dirty underwear

3. happy camper underwear

4. used dirty underwear

5. men with no underwear

6. blogs boy show me your dirty underwear

7. stick dirty underwear picture

8. purposely dirty underwear

9. jennifer lawrence underwear

10. bachelor jan underwear

11. my sister never wears knickers

I get more search terms than these (thank goodness you all aren’t weirdos) but these are just the awkward ones about underwear….

I feel the need to go wash my hands now..

I hope you laugh about these…I think it is hilarious because my blog has nothing to do with underwear. But I guess it comes with the territory!

Happy Monday!


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