It’s About To Get Sappy Up In Here.

Yesterday was Ellie’s birthday (we think). We got her at 8 weeks old from the Yuba County Animal Control. 2012-05-04 12.11.14This was the day we brought her home. Never in a million years could I have imagined how much joy and happiness she has brought into our lives. And as much as I hate the man who left her and her sister in the park at 7 weeks old and just walked away, I thank him because we ended up with her. I really hate that guy though.

2012-05-05 18.56.53Before we got her, Cody didn’t think that dogs could love like humans do. He definitely doesn’t think that anymore.

2012-06-15 14.54.16She is seriously my child. There are multiple reasons why I don’t have kids right now, mainly because I can’t stand the idea of having my own at this moment in time (one day, just not today), but I am Ellie’s mom. Like fo’ real. Don’t even try to tell me that your kid is more important than mine. I will put you in your place real fast and make you cry. I have done it before, I will do it again. I am Ellie’s mom.

2012-05-07 15.23.13Seriously, so adorable.

2012-06-26 13.49.21I hope she knows how much she is loved. And how much she makes us laugh. And how much she makes us love.

IMG_8763This was her very first walk ever. She couldn’t go outside for forever because of all the Parvo shots and other vaccinations. She was so happy (and so were we!) to be able to go outside finally!

IMG_20130217_154051She also has the longest tongue ever which makes her even cuter.

IMG_20130304_173621And she gets totally spoiled on her birthday 🙂

Happy (belated) birthday to my Ellie Bellie!

PS. you know this post is awesome. Don’t even try to deny that.


20 thoughts on “It’s About To Get Sappy Up In Here.

  1. Happy Birthday Ellie! We have an Ellie over here at my house, she is a collie though. 🙂 and will be 7 on July 24th. All the others are even older and it makes me sad, they have been such a huge part of our family for so long!

  2. Oh my goodness. I think I love Ellie. Who in the world could leave that sweet baby at the park? I would have been worried about someone stealing her before I would have left 🙂 I definitely have a soft spot for labs, and yours is just too cute. Thanks so much for linking up today! Us crazy dog mamas gotta stick together.

    • I love her too 😉
      I am so thankful for her every day! I am all about being a crazy dog momma and I don’t care who knows it! haha

      Thank you for having this link up! I had no idea too! It just happened to be on the day I wrote about ellie! Fate 🙂

  3. oh my goodness Ellie is definitely the cutest! I’m definitely the same way, my puppy is my son, don’t even think he’s not coming to Thanksgiving dinner (mom), he’s a part of the family! : )Happy birthday Ellie!

    • Seriously! My parents gave me a weird look when I brought her over for christmas. I said its both of us or none of us! hahah I wasn’t about to leave her on Christmas!!

  4. She is a cutie! Today is Klyde’s 7th birthday. Is that a dog cake? Did you make it yourself? Totally love it and would love to get one for our furry family member.

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