High 5 For Friday!

It is Friday! And I am thankful this week is over because Cody was gone a lot this week.

Here are my top 5 for this week!

1. My best friend came home from Texas for the week! It was a super last minute thing and I was thrilled to have her home!
We have been friends since we were like 5. I am a terrible blogger and took no photos of our reunion. So here is one and a video of the things se makes me do. Like free fall from 150ft in the air….

PS. Don’t judge my hair. I was not going to make it look pretty for doing something like this…

IMG_20130305_1910182. Cody was across town the other day and picked up my FAVORITE SUSHI EVER. If you are ever in Sacramento, go and I mean GO to Toshi’s sushi! Amazingness.

IMG_20130303_1741593. I have realized that Peet’s coffee is SOO much better than Starbucks. So that + my book = wonderfulness. (Also, I finished my book which is totally awesome)

IMG_20130304_1736214. Ellie’s birthday. Duh.

houzz-logo5. I found out about houzz. AMAZING. We are trying to re-do our yards and I am terrible at landscaping. Like horrible at it. I was an interior design major (for a year) NOT exterior design! Totally not the same thing lol.
PS. If you like landscape-y stuff you should totally come help. Or if you work at HGTV and wanna come “crash” our yard or kitchen or bathroom…I’m just gonna go with house, I am totally down for that too…


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life rearranged

12 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

    • Right! Pinterest is killing me when it comes to decorating (and clothes). I am totally thrilled about that Houzz website though! It has been fantastic for inspiration 🙂

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