That One Time When A Tree Fell On Our Cars…

I don’t know if I ever told you lovelies about the time when the tree in our front yard fell on both mine and Cody’s cars… Well long story shot…It looked like this:

523647_10100290739777068_1564056315_nYou can barely see our cars under there. It was an awesome night.

Anyways, well that tree is a flowering pear tree and apparently those trees are self pruning. (AKA branches/half of the tree like to fall off without notice) Awesome, right?

Well we had another one of these trees in our backyard and to keep it maintained (aka not have that one fall down either), it would be the same amount of money to have it pruned every 3 years as it would be to just cut the whole thing down. So being the “financially conscience” people we are, we decided to just cut it down and start new.

Now before any of this happened, we had taken out a lot of bushes and shrubs and everything else in our front and back yards so that we could start over and make everything look nice. That was back in June and since then, everything has gone to..well..lets just say pieces.

I am happy to announce that we have FINALLY started getting our acts together and started our first project and we have a plan for at least the backyard…This stuff is hard!

But for now, I leave you with this. But I am excited to share our adventures of “landscaping” and hopefully most stories will be successful…(even if my project yesterday was a bust).

So for all you handy DIY-ers out there, any tips? Preferably on how to get HGTV or the DIY network to come and redo our yard??


8 thoughts on “That One Time When A Tree Fell On Our Cars…

  1. Maybe if you hang around Lowe’s or Home Depot long enough that guy from Yard Crashers will show up?
    My husband’s company does landscape design and maintenance out here in KC so I might be able to ask him some questions for you. Good luck.

    • It was an interesting night, that’s for sure. And all things considered we were extremely lucky. No one was hurt and it didn’t hit the house either!

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