BB vs Ipsy.

I feel that since I got my March Ipsy bag in the mail a few days ago, I should probably tell you about my February Birchbox and Ipsy bag…

I wasn’t all that thrilled with my Ipsy bag this month (you can’t always win, right?) so it sat on my dresser all month waiting for me to play in it. (I have a hard time trying products that I already have favorites of.) My Birchbox on the other hand was a really good box with the types of products they sent me. I was totally thrilled.

So here it goes.



Juicy Couture – Couture La La: Another Juicy sample. Meh. I love the Viva La Juicy, but anything other than that reminds me of my college roommate, which is not a pleasant memory.

IMAG0832Jouer – Matte Moisture Tint: This tiny sample is what I call cheating. For one, it is the tiniest thing in the world. For two, I received this sample in the luminizing version already and wasn’t a fan. To be fair, I don’t really like liquid or cream things on my face. But still, does BB not listen to our surveys? Oh well.

IMAG0830Vasanti – Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator: I was totally excited to get a face wash in my box. Before I got my box I had been looking a good face wash (see here) for me to use. This has an exfoliating factor in it, though, which is awesome, except it is a little too rough on my face. I was definitely glad I got to give it a shot, though!

IMAG0829TIGI – Catwalk Session Transforming Dry Shampoo: I am ALWAYS looking for a good dry shampoo. It is a total staple for me. I used this stuff once which I didn’t feel was a good enough try out but the smell was just so overwhelming that it made me nauseous. It wasn’t a bad smell, just too strong. I am bummed it didn’t work out, but LOVED that it came in my box for me to try.
Any suggestions on dry shampoo I should try?

So that was my BB. I was really excited to try out the products they sent and was thrilled by the sizes of most of them. The chocolate was nice too, but I felt that was a cheater thing to put in.





MicaBeauty – Gel Eyeliner: I have not tried this yet but I am excited to. I am not a big fan of pencil liners. I don’t really know why but I like the gel/cream liners much better AND I only have a brown one so this is awesome. So the next time I actually take the time to put eyeliner on, I will use this one and let you know how it works.

IMAG0824Coastal Scents – Shadow Palette Sample: I haven’t used this either. Mostly because it is yellow and green. I will have to figure out how to wear this somehow to at least try it. (I hate doing my makeup for nothing. So trying things like this that I would have to play around with is really hard for me.)
Any suggestions on how to blend this to make my pale self not look ridiculous?

IMAG0827Pixi – Flawless & Poreless: I didn’t use this either. Like I said before, I don’t like liquid/cream formula products to go all over my face. I will have to try it out and see though. I will let you know.


POP – Beauty Smokey Lash Kapow Mascara: This was the WORST mascara I have ever tried. It did NOTHING for my lashes AND it gave me raccoon eyes after only wearing it for 2 hours. NEVER AGAIN. Also, as I was taking it off, it got in my eyes and made them burn and made them blood shot. Awful stuff.


IMG_1870Lash Card – The Lash Card: This was the dumbest thing possible. It was awkward and it didn’t help at all. I actually think it made it worse. If you can’t put mascara without getting it everywhere (like me), use a Q-tip to fix it when you are done!

That was my Ipsy bag. I wasn’t thrilled about the products in there, but I am liking what they send me so much more than what BB sends.

IMAG0837Except for this. It was my one year anniversary girt from BB. I am all about this. Totally cute. 🙂

Do you have any monthly subscriptions that I should know about? What did you think of my February swag?

4 thoughts on “BB vs Ipsy.

    • This past month was a little off but I have been loving what they send other than that. Even if its stuff I wont use, like primer…I have SO.MUCH.PRIMER. between BB and Ipsy lol

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