High 5 For Friday!

Oh hey, it is Friday again. Here are my top five from the week!

IMAG08571. My girlfriend is getting married in 2 weeks and we got a lot done for the wedding including practicing the small layer of the wedding cake! For a 15 person wedding, we are going to have SOOO MANY rice krispy treats. 12 bags of marshmallows and 6 large boxes of cereal worth…

IMG_20130314_2255532. We also made a Peep Wreath! There are 70 peeps on that wreath. So sticky and sugary. Gross.

IMG_20130309_2131023. We had a winning lotto ticket! WHAAAT! $11 richer are we 🙂

426521_10100544721001658_52041975_n4. I finally figured out how to apply for state jobs. My printer hates me.

5. And then there is this. THEBESTTHINGEVER!! I am so excited! I totally donated and I am now waiting impatiently for my t-shirt!

life rearranged
And also linking up with Lauren, I can’t find her button anymore. 


8 thoughts on “High 5 For Friday!

  1. You’re peep wreath is so cool! And I never actually watched Veronica Mars….but I think the idea is awesome! A movie for one of my favorite shows needs to show up on Kickstarer. 🙂

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