An Assortment Of Things.

Lately, my hair has not wanted to cooperate with me. Especially if I just blow dry it, which normally is all I do. I am extremely lazy when it comes to doing hair…I am trying to be better. Anyways, I have FINALLY almost finished my large sized bottles of Pantene Pro-V, and have decided to try something new. I think my hair needs a break. The only thing is, I need to be able to buy shampoo from places like target…basically, I can’t really justify spending over $5 for a bottle. I am cheap. I know there is good cheap stuff out there, but I don’t want to try them all to try and find one. And as much as I love the Pantene, I have been using it non stop for almost a year, and I just want to switch it up a bit to see if that helps.

SO, do you have any cheap secrets on shampoo? Something new to try. I don’t know, I just need something lol. HELP!

Anyways, What did you guys do for St. Patrick’s Day? I am old and we just went to my girlfriend’s house and ate corned beef and cabbage but the best part were the cupcakes. Irish coffee cupcakes. AKA adult cupcakes. They were coffee cupcakes and the frosting was (home made) whipped cream with Baileys. SOGOOD. OMG. I ate 3. Don’t judge. I was totally home by 730pm though. And I stopped at target to pick up a book. SUPER OLD.


We also drank snake bites. Which were pretty good. I was surprised. Who knew Guinness and hard apple cider would taste so good and look so cool!


SO thats what we did.

Happy Monday! I hope there are no hangovers welcoming you back to the work week 🙂

PS. I am totally OBSESSED with Pretty Little Liars. Is it Tuesday yet? I can’t wait!


8 thoughts on “An Assortment Of Things.

  1. I use Organix Shampoo and Conditioner. It can be about $7-$8 a bottle, but Walgreens often has them buy one get one free, so then it’s less than $5. And that’s the only time I buy it, I have a few extra bottles under my sink.

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