Sweet Teeth.

Oh Cadbury eggs. You are my favorite part about easter. I told Cody that I wanted a piece of candy so that amazing man went to the store and brought me this:


The other thing I love about Easter?? The end of lent. Except, I think my lent has actually helped me in the long run. I am hoping I can keep it up!

So, I am having a writer’s block kind of week. If you can even call it writer’s block since I don’t really consider myself a writer…like at all. haha. Thats Cody’s job.

But anyways, I think the writer’s block is because I am totally stressing out about waiting to hear back from job interviews and applying to new jobs and hoping to get an interview. I want to be hopeful and say I AM GETTING THIS JOB but then I feel that if I think that, I am jinxing it completely. But I also feel that if I don’t think that, then I am still jinxing it.

UGH. Its a Catch 22. Stupid anxiety.

Anyways, I am hoping planning for a better tomorrow and doing everything I can to make today good.


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