Colored Jeans.

Back in 2009, I worked at a sleep away summer camp in New York called Camp Kennybrook. MOST.AMAZING.EXPERIENCE.EVER. I moved across the country for the summer and had an unbelievable time. Camp could seriously be a series of posts in itself but that isn’t the point here. The point is about neon colored pants and how they came to be.

While colored jeans are very popular right now, they were not at the most popular thing back in the summer of 2009. At camp you only get 6 days off during the summer and on one of our days off, we went to one of the malls. Let me explain that camp was located in Monticello, NY. Monticello is NOT a fancy place. There is a Walmart, a Wendy’s, and a bar called Trotters. And also a bunch of hasidic jewish folks who took over the Walmart on Thursday nights. So basically there isn’t much to do there and when I say we went to a mall, it is a big deal!

At this mall we entered PacSun, which happened to have a crap ton of neon colored jeans on clearance. Of course we all bought them. How could we not! They were like 10 bucks! So that is the story of my pants. Just so you know.






IMG_2443Does this count as doing my hair? I am gonna go with yes.



Shirt: Target
Pants: PacSun
Shoes: Nordstrom Rack
Sweater: Victoria’s Secret
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Cody ordered a new flash for his fancy camera so he went flash crazy and was taking hundreds of photos for a few days to try and learn how to use his flash so a lot of our photos turned out like this…

IMG_2471So many photos….And yes, that is a thing of oreos sitting next to me on the couch. Total fat kid.

IMG_2397These are my favorite…

IMG_2465And then there is Ellie. You HAVE to love this one 🙂

STYLELIXIR Style Sessions

 photo blog2_zps186f8496.png

Also linking up with Agi!


7 thoughts on “Colored Jeans.

  1. Love this outfit and i love the picture of all you fabulous ladies wearing colored Jeans. I love it. I’m visiting from the link up. I’m also hosting one, would love it if you joined.


  2. Thank you for linking up today. Hope to see you next time: Thursday April 11. The theme is show me your favorite spring trend.


    • Thank you!

      Right! oh Monticello. good memories.

      Cody and I are going to NYC in August and I am going to show him camp and the little town of monticello. hahah I can’t wait!

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