Oh Hey, Look What I Made.

I have been talking about one of my friend’s weddings that happened last Friday. I was involved in a lot of the planning and getting ready and there was a lot of DIY. It was a mostly DIY wedding. It was small and sweet at a restaurant near her house. I was lovely. And really warm.

We made all the decorations and I was really excited to make her a banner. My friend Marlee has a Cricut and so I summoned her over to my house to get crafty and use it to make the banner.

It was a small military wedding with the theme of red white and blue.

This was a super easy project too.

You are going to need:

Different colored card stock
Hole punch
Glue Stick
Cricut (optional)

photo 11. Cut out the shapes you want to put your letters on. I chose triangles, but I have seen people use rectangles, bunnies, other shapes, really whatever you want.

2. Cut out the lettering that you want to use with card stock.

3. I like to visualize the final product first so I laid it out the way I wanted it to be in the end and then I glued all the letters on.

photo 3Michaels failed on card stock colors so I had to get a few just pieces of paper that had nice designs on them.

4. To make them not so flimsy, I backed them with some of the heavier card stock.

photo 45. Put a piece of tape on the back side of your banner pieces where you plan on putting your hole punches to reinforce the whole.

6. Punch holes in your banner pieces at the top for the ribbon to be able to go through.

IMG_3209_1200px7. Put ribbon through the holes.

8. Hang.

9. Enjoy your handy work!

It was totally easy and I felt super accomplished after I was done.

Everyone loved the banner and it made the room look so much better.


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