For The Love Of Shoes.

This weekend was fabulous. There is so much to say about it though and I definitely don’t have the energy to write about it today. SO, instead here is a story about shoes. Everybody loves shoes.
I have a really hard time getting rid of things. Like for real. Especially, when you are not making any sort of steady income, it is difficult to get rid of things that you once liked because you aren’t able to replace them just yet. But the day finally came where I got to buy new shoes. Because if I am being honest, it was time. Cody even told me I needed new shoes….
Here are 2 pairs of shoes I got to replace…
Please don’t judge. HA. Ok, you can judge. I am judging myself haha.
Oh hey, how gross are these. Don’t worry, I stopped wearing them…sorta…
These speak for themselves. They need to be thrown out.
Sorry you had to see these…
And then there were these. These are still extremely comfortable, but in no way am I able to wear them to interviews/work functions. They needed to be upgraded.
And then came the day that DSW opened 15 minutes away from us.
photo 4
And this happened.
Totally cute and simple replacements for my gold flats. And good quality/comfy! My old ones were super cheap-o from wet seal a million years ago. Not the comfiest either.
And the same shoes but in black. I was hoping for something a little edgier, something with some studs on them or something BUT these are classic and can be dressed up or down so I am thrilled.
And then I found these….
IMG_20130404_205042These are the new LOVES of my life. I have NOTHING to wear with them! AHHH HELP!
No but really though, I love them. I wasn’t really looking for shoes other than replacement shoes but then I saw these and couldn’t put them down. Aren’t they pretty?!!
Now who wants to come over and help me figure out what to wear with them!?!? No, seriously.
The best part about this were my coupons. AND the fact that since Cody was doing a story on their opening day, he was talking to the head store lady and I didn’t let her leave without giving me the OK to go ahead and double my coupon (even though it said you weren’t allowed to)! Um. SCORE.
I am a total happy camper. 🙂
I don’t think I have ever bought 3 pairs of shoes at one time either, so that was really exciting too!
Happy Monday!

8 thoughts on “For The Love Of Shoes.

  1. I love the Steve Madden flats! I don’t have a hard time getting rid of most things, but when it comes to a fav pair of shoes that I tend to wear all the time…finding a good enough or better than replacement is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do!

  2. Wow! You really did make the very most of your old shoes. With that sort of dedication to shoes I think you totally deserved a new pair (or three). Excellent finds.

  3. I also have a pair of gold flats that I LOVE, and even tough they are starting to fall apart, I just can’t let go of them. They are too comfy. Those Steve Madden’s look like a great find!

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