Makeup Essentials.

I am still trying to figure out how to adequately describe my anniversary trip (AKA, I haven’t gotten around to writing it yet and its too late to do that now…) SOOO Here is my shout out to my makeup. Not that anyone really cares BUT I am gonna do it anyways.

Here you go.

IMAG1019I have 2 makeup bags. The pink pencil case (yes, it is an old pencil case that I got when I worked at an after school program) holds the makeup that I wear everyday. The big one holds the rest of my junk. Stuff that I only wear on occasion or the stuff that I get in my beauty subscriptions that I don’t want to get rid of yet I don’t wear very often.

IMAG1017So much stuff…

IMAG1014My pink bag is much more organized. I really love having 2 bags because when I go on vacation or somewhere that I am going to want makeup, I just grab the pink case and go. I don’t have to figure out what to bring. Its just ready to go 24/7. I’m all about it.

IMAG1016These are my essentials. They are all pretty amazing.

Naked 2 eyeshadow palette – Seriously, this has every color I will ever need. Like, for reals. Thank you momma for this as my Christmas gift!

Diorshow Iconic mascara – This stuff isn’t the cheapest BUT it is the most amazing mascara I have ever used in my life. And I have tried a lot of different mascaras. Totally worth the $30.

Benefit makeup – I use their powder foundation, bronzer, and blush. I have really sensitive skin (as in I am allergic to bare essentials) and I am not allergic to this stuff. I was totally thrilled. And their blush smells fabulous!

The Balm Hot Mama blush – This is my other go to blush. It has the most perfect coloring and gives the effect of highlighting too. Totally love this. This one is the sample I got in my Birchbox a few months ago and it is still going strong. I will be buying the full size when this one is gone.

Be A Bombshell lipgloss – This is just a red lipgloss I have started using sometimes. It was a sample in my Ipsy bag and I really like the color. It needs a chapstick over it though to make it not so sticky. I am not in love with this, but it stays in my go to bag just in case I want something a little extra.

Mox Botanicals lip balm – This was a sample in my BB and everyone needs a lip balm in their go to bag, so there it stays.

Brushes – Of course. We all need these. I use the ecotools blush brush and my prescriptives brush for my bronzer. (man, I miss my prescriptives brand makeup)

Bobby pins, hair tie, and a duck bill clip – Lets be real, If I had to choose between those three things and my makeup for a week, I would choose the bobby pins, hair ties, and duck bill clips.

So thats whats in my makeup bag. Exhilarating stuff, right?

What is in your bag? What can’t you live without?

and the bigger and more important questions:

If you were gone for a week and could only take your makeup OR some hair ties bobby pins and a duck bill clip what would it be??


4 thoughts on “Makeup Essentials.

    • I am the same way! I have blonde eyelashes so I just look like I don’t have any when i don’t wear mascara! Summertime is totally my fav. I can wear nothing but mascara and feel gorgeous! I can’t wait to be tan/not so pasty again! haha

      And yes, GO GET SOME DIORSHOW! It is fabulous. as in the most fabulous thing ever and I will never switch again!

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