Happy Anniversary To Us!

Since today is our actual anniversary, I feel like it is a good day to post this. 🙂

Last weekend we spent the weekend in Mendocino, CA for our 3 year anniversary and it was amazing. We were able to take Ellie to everything, which made it all the better. Also, the weather was fabulous!

Here is my weekend recap in photos. Beware, though, there are a lot of photos! I tried to keep it to a minimum but we took more than 300 photos while we were there and we were only there one weekend! I will try to keep my words to a minimum to balance everything out.


This is where we stayed. The Inn at Schoolhouse Creek. Totally dog friendly and awesome. We were in the room on the upper right.


Our super HUGE bed.



Ellie took her place under the bed. Just like she does at home.


The best part of our bathroom 🙂


Since it was our anniversary, they surprised us with a bottle of wine.


You can’t tell from the photo, but the ocean is there. And beautiful.


So much space for Ellie to roam around to her liking!





There was even a swing overlooking forest-y area. So peaceful.


Most of our photos turn out like this….We are an attractive couple.


But there were some good shots!

There was a doggy cove that we could walk to from our B&B. It wasn’t the nicest place. But Ellie loved it.


Cody had to be super nerdy and roll his pants up…




P1060290We ate outside our fist night at Silver’s at the Wharf. It was super cold but they gave us a bunch of their heat lamps so that we would be warm. Why, you ask? We wanted Ellie to be able to eat with us. At least there was an ocean view!


We are totally classy. Cody got an orange cream soda while I tasted some wines to try and figure out what ones I wanted, I ended up ordering a diet coke… I am a class act.


Delicious dessert.

photo 2

The most peaceful place. Ellie was just running around with her ball while I enjoyed my coffee.



P1060350We went to a few wineries that were dog friendly! This one was the Navarro winery. Totally good!

P1060353This one even had a mini dog park at it! Totally cool! Ellie was thrilled!

P1060378This was the Toulouse vineyard, totally doggy friendly too.

P1060395Scharffenberger was the only place that didn’t allow dogs inside. So we sat outside and drank their sparkling wine. The only bummer was that the lady working was a total grouch.


How cool is this! Our B&B told us about Little River Inn and set up our reservation!


A private room to eat dinner in with Ellie Belly!


Their menu was hilarious.


Local beer is always a must.

P1060484Our little family. Happy anniversary to us!


When people go on vacation they normally don’t care about TV stations. We are super excited about channel 49. We don’t have cable (or any real tv for that matter) so I was super excited for some HGTV time 🙂


On our way home, we drove through Napa so that we could stop at Gott’s! Best burger place ever. Way over priced but totally worth it. We stayed at a B&B in Napa for our 1 year anniversary and discovered this place and have been dying to go back since.

photo 3

We were happy campers! Got to eat outside and everything! Ellie was happy to be out of the car for a little bit.

We came home with a lot of wine. I think we are going to need some help drinking it.
So that was our weekend! So much fun! I am so happy to have been able to have this weekend. I love my little family and I can’t wait to spend so many more years growing it!
(Ok I am done being sappy now)
Happy Wednesday!


9 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary To Us!

  1. Oh Gotts! YUM! That was our favorite place in Napa (other than Tra Vigne where we ate dinner after our wedding, but it’s totally in another price category….) I’d like to go to Mendocino county now–and take our dog! I’m such a dog lady at heart.

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