High 5 For Friday!

Today is my last friday unemployed. I am freaking out! Like FREAKING OUT. So many nerves. Not enough time. Can’t I just win the lotto so that I can be rich and not have to worry about work? Please?

I am just gonna reflect on the awesome things this past week has brought me to try and calm my nerves.

P10603781. Our anniversary trip, duh.

IMG_20130409_1120042. Finishing the deck! I can’t wait to share it with you!!

IMG_20130407_2204403. Starting our next project. I am excited for Cody and I to do something really productive together.

photo 14. Our garden is growing. 🙂 Unfortunately our onions and many of our carrots have committed mass suicide. I may have to replant.

5photo 25. We finally got an antenna! We have real TV! WHHAAAT! Totally exciting. And by real TV, I mean free TV. But we get like 50 channels now in all the rooms! That means Ion in the living room and bedroom and office! SO MUCH CRIMINAL MINDS TO BE WATCHED!

So now that I have reflected, that means I can go back to freaking out now, right?

Happy Friday!

PS. I am in a contest with my Premier Designs family and I have to practice my business speech with someone to get my points so if anyone wants to let me skype them to practice, I would totally love you forever 🙂 kthanks.

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