My New Favorite Shirt.

In the grand scheme of things, I have a very small blog. For me, when I look at my views and what not I am excited when if they hit triple digits. Like I said, I am small potata’s! PS. My friends don’t know that I blog so I don’t link things up to my Fb and whatnot so that could be a reason I don’t have too much traffic. I am not really worried about it though.

Well, Cody is a big fan of and he wanted to post our photos of the deck so he just linked my blog up instead of uploading the photos to imgur. It took way less time and we figured I would get a few more hits than normal so why not. Well, my blog pretty much blew up because of it. I got more than 2,000 hits! Which to some of you is nothing, but to me, well I may have just climbed Mount Everest! Holy Crap!

The only downside to this? Now my other totals look so little because we aren’t working with 100s, we are working with 1000s and everything but yesterdays tallies are not even close to the 1000 range.
Screen shot 2013-04-17 at 10.15.33 PMSee what I mean?!?! Oye.

Moral of the story, If you are just looking for hits and nothing else, post to reddit.


Before I got a job, I basically told Cody that “once I got a job, that first paycheck is going to be blown.” Well, I haven’t even gotten paid yet and it is already starting to come true haha. I am going a little overboard with the shopping. I need to stop.

I found the most amazing shirt at marshall’s the other day. It is an all crocheted/lace back and I am in love with it. These photos don’t do it justice. AND it was like $17! Totally golden.

The other awesome thing about this outfit, is that I finally got to wear my new shoes 🙂

IMG_3473This photo is pretty much my favorite of the bunch.
IMG_3457 IMG_3403 IMG_3435 IMG_3407 IMG_3432 IMG_3441 IMG_3455Jewelry: Premier Designs 

Happy Thursday!

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