High 5 For Friday!

Working and blogging is weird. I would normally start writing at like 11:30pm the night before for the next day’s post. Now, I need to be in bed by 10pm (because I am a baby when it comes to sleep) so my posts are done earlier. Also, I don’t do as much during the week because I am at work all day. WEIRD.

Anyways, here is my first H54F from my first week of employment. 
1. Being welcomed to my new job! EEK!

photo 22. Sitting at work and my day being made when Cody sends me pictures of this ham.

IMG_20130414_2038213. Went shopping for lunches. Thrilled. SOMUCHFOOD.

IMG_20130414_204159Don’t forget the Uncrustables 🙂

photo 34. Coming home and taking over as much space as possible to veg out.

photo 15. Our grass is growing! I can’t wait to not have a massive dirt patch in our front yard anymore!

So that was my week, how was yours?!

Also, I am still in my contest with my Premier family and get points for practicing my spiel on people, so if you wanna let me skype with you so I can practice, I will totally be your biggest fan. (And try to never write that long of run on sentence again.)

Happy Friday!

Hey wait, I now remember why Friday’s are awesome! I am ready to sleep ALL weekend!

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