I Am A Horrible Sister.

Weekends are too short! Why must it already be Monday!?

This weekend had a lot of ups and down, but most things were good so I am alright with that. Friday evening was pretty awesome. Tricia over at peasquared and I had a video chat date. We had never talked “in person” before but when I reached out asking people to let me practice my Premier Designs business spiel, she totally said yes! We chatted for like an hour even though my presentation was like 20ish minutes. She probably thinks I am nuts now, but she is absolutely fabulous!

Saturday started off great! I finally got to sleep in! I woke up at 7 (stupid internal body alarm clock thing) and then forced myself back to sleep and slept for a little longer, which was AMAZING. Cody and I also just relaxed in bed for a while catching up on our shows. It was a beautiful morning. What made it even better was that, when we were watching Happy Endings (I love that show!), I checked my email and found this:

Screen shot 2013-04-21 at 9.27.20 PM

AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! I am finally off the waiting list! I seriously overreacted when I got this email. Cody first thought something bad happened, then he thought I was excited about Happy Endings, and then he thought someone got married, then he thought I won money.

Seriously. Best. Email. Ever.

I had been waiting so long to sign up for this but I needed a job first, and then when I finally got a job, I was put on a stupid wait list! Needless to say, I am not good at waiting.

After such a wonderful morning, we went over to my BFFs house and ate lunch and took the dogs to the dog park. After we got back, we noticed that Ellie was all lumpy. Lumpy on her head and her legs. Our awesome day took a quick turn. We gave her some Benedryl and rushed down the street to the emergency vet.

I am a crazy puppy mommy. Don’t judge. Well, $170 later, Ellie is fine. It was an allergic reaction to something but it was really scary and happened really quickly. AND in all fairness, normally when Ellie gets stung she just swells up in one spot and we give her some Benedryl and she is fine. She has never reacted like this before.

Ellie was all sorts of doped up. Cody and I were going to the Taste Of Elk Grove that evening and we didn’t want to leave her by herself so we took her to my Dad’s. They LOVED her all doped up haha. She was totally calm and mellow which is normally the opposite of what she is when she goes there.

IMG_20130420_163924Tired Puppy.

The Taste Of Elk Grove was fun. Cody had gotten free tickets because he wrote a story promoting it so instead of spending $100 for an evening out we spent nothing. HA.


It was fun. SOMUCHFOOD.

photo 2



photo 1
There was also a silent auction at the event and they had a “redneck basket” Hilarious.

Sunday we went to my sister’s choir concert.

photo 3

And this the part where I explain to you why I am a horrible sister.  I absolutely HATE going to her concerts. They happen a lot, like a lot a lot AND they are incredibly long. Sunday’s performance was supposed to go from 4-6 and intermission didn’t even start until 6. Seriously. I was not a happy camper. I was totally annoyed. The other thing about this is that she isn’t even singing the whole time. She probably was on stage for a good 30 minutes out of the 3+ hours that the concert was. UGH.

They didn’t even have concession food because the choir company told The Crest Theater (which is a fancy place, her concerts aren’t normally there) not to sell anything but drinks. SOOO, we walked to blimpie’s, which was the ONLY  thing open and bought a bunch of cookies and brownies to eat during the rest of her show. We basically played Hangman her entire concert. Like I said, I am a horrible sister. Don’t judge.

photo 2Dad, Step mom, Sister, and me.

photo 1We totally look alike (note my sarcasm)

photo 5No one can ever say that we don’t try to take normal photos anymore. Somehow they always turn out like this.

On that note, I will say one more thing. I have been wearing more dresses lately now that the weather is warmer and the other day I wore a dress and totally didn’t bother to shave my legs…I have blonde hair and I am lazy. Well don’t worry, I shaved before I threw on this dress and I found this, which is pretty much perfect in all ways.


Happy Monday!

Linking up with Molly for Yolo Monday’s (which now that I work for Yolo county, I hate the term YOLO even more haha)


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