BB vs. Ipsy. If You Are Wanting To Read A Classy Post, This Post Is Not For You.

I didn’t post one of these last month mostly because neither subscription was to my liking. This month was better for Ipsy, unfortunately it was much worse for BB. I am giving BB one more month to get its act together so hopefully they can come up with something good.

I will start with my Birchbox.

I was really looking forward to April’s box. I had seen what others were posting on their FB wall and everyone seemed to be getting some pretty amazing stuff! I was totally excited! And then my box came.

IMAG1049I think it is pretty bad when the best thing in your beauty box is chapstick…

IMAG1056Seriously? They give these types of samples away for free. Also, dark spot correcting serum??

IMAG1055Chapstick. At least it isn’t yucky like the other brand they sent me last time…

IMAG1053CC cream. Cool. I don’t use it. I don’t even know what that is…

IMAG1052And leave in conditioner for my normal, not color treated, straight hair. Cool beans.

Also, I got a morning eye cream that is the tiniest thing on earth. I forgot to take a photo of it…

They also gave me a subscription to women’s health which is pretty cool but other than that they got a not so classy letter.

So that was my lame April BB. Sorry I was such a Negative Nancy about it all. I am just gonna blame it on the fact that I am sick.

Now on to my Ipsy bag.


IMAG1045This is really pink. I haven’t tried it yet but mostly because I am a little nervous about the color. Also, I am bummed it doesn’t smell good. It actually smells terrible if I am being honest.

IMAG1046This is a shimmer thing. (wow this post is awful, sorry) I am curious to see what I can do with it. I will first need to find some tutorials on what to do though. HA.

IMAG1047I am all about any sort of hair powder. I need dry shampoo in my life so I am all about trying other products that are similar.
IMAG1048As much as I am thrilled about this being a full size nail polish, I am not a fan of the color. It basically reminds me of a 6 year old…. :/

This types of posts happen when I don’t feel good, apparently. Oops. I didn’t even try to be positive about it. Sorry. Please keep reading my blog. I swear I am not always such a Debbie Downer.

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12 thoughts on “BB vs. Ipsy. If You Are Wanting To Read A Classy Post, This Post Is Not For You.

  1. Hey there! I actually think those are great compared to what I got in my birchbox! LOL hope next month is better for me as well! I’m now following you on bloglovin.. have a great day =)

    • Really???? What did you get? lol I really hope next month’s is better. But I have seriously been doubting BBs skills so I wont hold my breath. Even though for some reason I do haha.

    • It used to be better and I am totally bummed with their products of the past year almost. When you get off the wait list and if you decide you still want it, do the month to month subscription. I wouldn’t pay for a yearly one. I have heard that if you get one of those and you don’t like it, the won’t refund your money. Don’t quote me on that though! If you haven’t looked into Ipsy yet, you totally should. Much better products for the same amount of money. 🙂

  2. I’ve heard a lot about the Bombshell blush you received in your Ispy bag, and it actually applies really well. If you’re still a little nervous (totally justifiable), I’d test it out in your private bathroom with makeup remover readily at hand, just in case. Also, as far as your Birchbox, have you filled out your beauty profile? I did, and I don’t know how much it really affected it, but I loved my box, which I reviewed here: . Also, they sent out 40 different box types, so don’t be too dismayed. I’m sure not all 40 box type receivers were happy. I am glad you’re giving it another month though! It’s such a great deal, and the best box imo.


    • I wasn’t really planning on trying out the blush in a way where I wouldn’t be able to take it off if I didn’t like it. I totally love ipsy though. It has been a really good experience so far. As for BB, I am totally excited that you liked your box. I know a lot of people who have gotten really good boxes this month but mine was awful. I have a filled out beauty profile and that has done nothing to help. I even fill out the surveys every month (I mean, why wouldn’t I?! It means free stuff!) and my boxes keep getting worse. I have been receiving BB for more than a year and I think I have had maybe 3 boxes that I have been happy with. Its been more of a struggle than anything else. With them being late and lost and just being disappointed all the time I don’t really feel like it is a good way to spend my money which is a total bummer because I really love the idea.

      • That seriously stinks. I’m so sorry you’ve had such an awful experience! Well, there are tons of other boxes to ease your pain if you decide to call it quits with BB. Ipsy seems really nice, but I’m hooked on my BB for now, even though I’ve only had one box. I hope you have better luck next month! And if you don’t, whatever, it’s just a sign it’s not meant to be.


    • I love ipsy. I have only gotten 1 bag so far that wasn’t really my taste and still they had decent products in them. I would have totally rocked a peachy nail polish! I am totally jealous. I tried this one on and it just wasn’t working for me 😦

      I am going to have to try the blush. I just wish it smelled better.

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