That Time I Risked My Life For a Photo Next To A Tree

My Stitch Fix was shipped today. I seriously can’t sit still I am so excited for it to come in the mail! I am trying to be good and not peek at my fix online. SOOOHARD!!

Anyways, here is an outfit to try and take my mind off me having to wait for my fix to arrive. Oye. I am not good at waiting. Also, the awesome thing about this shirt that I got at marshall’s for super cheap is that I can finally wear my Premier Designs Tribal necklace! I have been trying to find something to wear it with for days! P1060328


P1060390PS. I risked my life to take this photo. There were millions (yes, millions) of bees swarming around it!


P1060380Ellie was trying to find a place to poo.

So there you go. I am a lady of few words today.

Happy Thursday!

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5 thoughts on “That Time I Risked My Life For a Photo Next To A Tree

  1. That top is super cute! And that tree is so pretty but I definitely wouldn’t have been able to take that risk haha im deathly afraid of bees and I mean DEATHLY. Like, its ridiculous..
    and yay! Stitch fix! I’ve been meaning to try that. Im just too broke lol
    Visiting from the link up at tiny heart!

    • I completely understand! I am not a fan of them but as long as I can run away after we are good! haha. And stitch fix is awesome. I did have to wait until I had a job to get it though. It isn’t the cheapest option for clothes 😦

  2. Great look and great blog. Found you from the Penniless Socialite. Visiting from Seeking A Stylist. We have a great new featured in which I encourage people to upload a photo of their personal style. Would love if you would submit a photo.

    I also have free button swaps available. Visit the advertise tab.

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