High 5 for Friday!

This week seemed to drag on while I was in it, but now that it is Friday I feel like the week just flew by! I am going to keep this short on words, because lets be real, I like pictures better.

PS. I hope I have 5 photos for this post.

IMG_79571. Ellie had her last dose of antibiotics! I am so glad these are over. She had to take 4 a day and they made her not want to eat anything. I am ready for normalness.

IMG_32782. Ellie bein’ all fancy!

IMG_25353. My Stitch Fix arrived!

IMG_20130424_1603064. I broke my somewhat healthy streak and ate a bag full of gummy worms. I was planning on eating that reeses but my tummy hurt from all the worms. I ended up saving it for my lunch.

IMG_20130423_1933555. Yummy delicious dinner with the cheese we got from our anniversary trip.

IMG_20130420_163924Bonus: Who doesn’t love photos of sleepy puppies. (I may have posted this photo on Monday…oops)

Happy Friday!

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3 thoughts on “High 5 for Friday!

  1. I just found your blog through the Lovely blog hop and I love it! You and I are quite similar, which means we’re awesome.

    I also have a dog that looks like Ellie. It’s a he and I’ve decided they’re besties.

    Here’s a link to a post I wrote this week about why my dogs are better than kids. I send you to this because there are a few photos of my dog, Shady Jack, and you can see that he looks like your sweet Ellie.

    I love fellow dog lovers!


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