Apparently I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer.

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t. Yesterday, I thought I published my post. I went all day being slightly bummed out that no one even “liked” my post. I even asked Cody: “Was it really that bad?!” Well, I am dumb. Somehow, it did not publish. I realized this at 7:30pm. Awesome. So if you didn’t visit my blog after 7:30pm PST yesterday, then there are 2 new posts for you. Its a double whammy type of day!

Anyways, I am linking up with Ashley for her favorite things link up. So here are my favorite things from April!

1. Getting a job. Duh.

2. Mendocino.

3. Finishing our deck.
4. Getting taken off the Stitchfix wait list!

5. These bad boys.

6. Drinking flavored water instead of soda and mani/pedis
IMG_20130427_174456(PS. For some reason my mani looks terrible here. I swear it looks pretty in person)

Happy Tuesday!

Ps. I am also linking up with Tori.


8 thoughts on “Apparently I Don’t Know How To Use A Computer.

    • Thank you! Stitch Fix is awesome! they send you clothes and if you like them you buy them and if you don’t you send them back! You fill out a survey so that they know what you like and what you wear and your sizes and stuff. it is seriously awesome. 🙂

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