High 5 For Friday! Favorite Things Edition.

This month has just flown by! I can’t believe there is only one week (not even) left of work before the kids get out for the summer! Now would be a really nice time to tell me if I am doing summer school or not. Its fine either way, but I do like to plan..so you know, it would be nice to just know..lol

So I guess that is my #1 for this week. The fact that school is done on Thursday! WOOO Summer vacation!

2. It was Cody’s birthday yesterday, and he chose to go to Sandra Dee’s in Sacramento for dinner. It is a BBQ and seafood place. Totally southern and a no fuss kind of place. Its a get what you get and you don’t throw a fit type of place. But I have decided that those kinds of places have the BEST food. And that is what happened last night. It was so good and there was so much! I definitely am taking my leftovers to work tomorrow for lunch!


Cody had the Creole Shrimp. IMAG1182And I had the tri tip. SOGOODHOWDIDINOTKNOWABOUTTHISPLACEBEFORE.

It is in the middle of almost sketchville and has a this place could be totally awesome or completely horrible vibe if you look at it from the outside. But it was awesome. And extremely busy.

This was my real birthday present to him. I sent him off to drive his asian mobile on a dirt race track. He loved it. And I love that he loved it.IMG_3090

3. This awesomeness arrived. I will explain later. I promise. IMAG1178_BURST002_COVER

4. Good Birchboxes and Ipsy bags and Stitch Fixes.

5. This whole personal stylist thing at Keaton Row. Totally into it. I will tell more later 🙂
Screen shot 2013-05-30 at 11.01.40 PM

So there you go!

Happy Friday!

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Cody Likes To Delete My Photos…..Butthead.

So Cody decided it was a good idea to delete my outfit photos that I hadn’t used. (In his defense, he thought they were on my computer already. Just let me be annoyed with it ok?!)

Anyways, I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine a few weeks back in the country and felt the need to wear my boots. Unfortunately these are the only photos I have because somebody  **coughcoughcodycoughcough** decided to delete the others.

PS. The lighting is a little weird in these. And I am way too lazy to open photoshop right now.


IMG_3944One. My face is awesome. Two. This is one of those dresses that if you twirl, people can see your undies, and since the title of this little blog is called not your dirty underwear I will stop there, you get it. I ain’t no Marilyn Monroe. (Yes I am wearing clean underwear…ok this just got weird. I am really going to stop now. The internets know too much…)


Dress: Francesca’s
Belt: Francesca’s
Boots: Ariats
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Happy Thursday!!!

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PS. Happy birthday Cody, I love your face more than you know and I am so lucky that I get to be in your life! Thank you for loving me!!!

My 200th Post!

How is it that I already have 200 posts? I think my real question is how I still have people that read my blog! So thank you! For dealing with me and/or stumbling across my little space.

So now I feel slightly obligated to make this post a little better than the ones that I have been posting for the past few days. Don’t get your hopes up though…

So since I have had my Ipsy and Birchbox for a little while now, I can give you more of a real review of them.

I said last month that I was going to give BB another month to step up their game, and I was totally ready to say see ya later aligator to them, but then my box came and I was pleasantly surprised.


IMAG1148I have never deep conditioned my hair before. I have “virgin” hair according to Kate from the small things blog. I am a little confused on what I am really supposed to do with it, though. I read Kate’s review of it, but I am a little confused….you do put this in wet hair, right?? haha. Well that is what I did. It made my hair seem pretty soft. I actually bought this with some BB points but I think I need to do some more research on really what I am supposed to do with it…unless you wanna tell me…

IMAG1149Honestly, I haven’t used this yet. I use the olay stuff right now and it is only like $10 and it doesn’t smell like anything. A full size of this costs $32 and it smells like cucumbers which reminds me of the time when I used cucumber melon lotion all the time and now the smell kinda makes me nauseous. I also have really sensitive skin, so I am pretty hesitant about what I put on my face.

IMAG1150I really like that this came wrapped. It is a good size too. I haven’t opened it yet though. Mostly because I never wear eyeliner. Also, I will never have to buy eyeliner again between all my BB and Ipsy bags.

IMAG1151Toothpaste. I am glad they didn’t send me the lavender flavor though. And I have been wondering what the hype is about this stuff. I am still not quite sure what all the fuss is about, especially at 10 bucks a pop. It is a good travel size though. It will be good when I go to texas in July.

IMAG1152I don’t really mind getting fragrances in my boxes. I don’t really want one in every box (or even every other box, for that matter) BUT, it means that my nose doesn’t have to get overwhelmed at the store trying to find a scent that I like PLUS it means that I never have to buy perfume again. Which is pretty awesome in my opinion because perfume is expensive and I am cheap.
Back to this specific perfume. The smell was just ok. It wasn’t “Fabulous.”

IMAG1153This pen. Let me tell you how awesome it is. It has purple ink! Which makes it a Hell Ya in my book! I just need to remember where I put it last…

IMAG1154So BB has earned themselves another month. They are still on probation though. I hope they keep up the good boxes like this one.

On to Ipsy:


IMAG1141So this is what I think is concealer. It is surprising actually pretty close to my skin tone but I don’t use concealer so maybe my trash will like it?

IMAG1142This was a really really really nice size. Great to through into your purse and take on the go. It is just a little too smelly for me. At least it smells good though 🙂 It is sparkly too so it gets all over your hands and you need to wash it off.

IMAG1143Full size purple sparkly zoya nail polish? YESPLEASE.


IMAG1144This lip gloss is nice. It isn’t sticky at all and it has a citrus-y scent to it. It doesn’t really have a color, though.

IMAG1145This was not my favorite scent at all. BUT it was a full size roller ball scent. I totally gave this away.

So those were my bags/boxes this month. I thought both were really good this time around. I am hoping BB can keep it up.

Do you get BB or Ipsy? What were your boxes like this month??

Also, who can tell me how to use that deep conditioner??
Don’t judge me! I know I am not the only one who doesn’t know how to do this!

Happy Wednesday!

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Quick Dry Nail Polish.

Over the past 2 years I have been getting a lot better at doing my own nails, it is not easy nor am I perfect at it, but I have gotten better. I am sure I am super late to the game with this trick BUT I found this pin and am now completely obsessed!


You just spray pam on your nails after you have painted them and they are instantly dry! I am seriously in love. I have tried the whole putting your hand in ice water and it doesn’t work for me. So I was thrilled when this trick totally worked. When I was 14 I used to babysit the cutest girl ever and her mom would do this all the time. So, I totally should have learned from her all those years ago!

So yea, totally late to this party but I had to share.

On a slightly related note, I feel like my hands get pruny extra fast. Like within 30 seconds fast. Is this weird? Shouldn’t it take longer? Also, why do your fingers get pruny?

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Happy Memorial Day! AKA Happy Day Off!

Oh hey. Its Memorial Day and that means that I have the day off. It also means that there are only 8 more days of school until summer vacation. What’s up what’s up.

The still haven’t told me if I am working summer school or not….hopefully I will find out tomorrow.

Until then, I leave you with this:

971052_10100614165918488_1294258570_nWhat I should have said was, “get off my lawn, dumb ass”

Good thing yesterday was awesome, or else my letter probably wouldn’t have been so nice. 🙂

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That Time I Survived An Earthquake: High 5 For Friday Edition.

I attended my first year of college in San Francisco (as well as visiting there all the time because my G-Ma lives there) where they are pretty much known for their earthquakes. I never experienced one. Not one. At least not while awake. I kinda felt cheated out of the San Francisco experience. But now my life has forever changed. Here in Sacramento, on Thursday night, I felt my first earthquake. INSACRAMENTO! Where we are not known for earthquakes. Like at all. Facebook is blowing up. This is serious stuff. The news is all over it. Like fo’ realz tho. Honestly, I thought it was our new “pet” rat that is living in the attic making a bunch of noise. And then Paul, our roommate, runs out of his room and says “did you feel that!!?”Cody is competing with the local tv news stations to put out a better story. (Obviously his is better, mostly because I love him and I hate the news, but also because his story is way more entertaining.)
Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.09.44 PM
Then someone said that Cody was wrong on how intense the quake was and I gave them a non filtered response. Cody said I should probably be nicer, but Paul said it was just hilarious. I am going to go with Paul’s answer.

1. So that was my first high five. It would be yours too.

2. This has been my desk at work lately. We are making playdoh…they just want to eat it…


3. I know I have already showed you this photo, but I just can’t get over it. Her tongue is just chillin’ folded over!


4. We found out our new June special and I am sooooo excited over it. (I am nerdy and I love this whole jewelry thing. Don’t judge.)943319_10100610226922268_144390557_n

5. I was totally entertained when I found this at Marshall’s the other day. Its only $5.99 at Marshall’s which is a steal when you compare it to it’s normal price of $6.00…Fail Marshall’s, fail. IMAG1155

How was your week??

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Does Jimboys Count As Healthy?

I really need to stop writing posts so late in the evening. On a good note, I have discovered jimboys tacos and man are they good. I have been bringing my lunch to work with me EVERY DAY since I started (all thanks to Cody who makes it for me) but since Cody has been sick the past few days, I haven’t brought my lunch to work. Mostly because he hasn’t been making it and I have not been able to figure out how to wake up earlier and make it for myself. This whole Cody being sick thing is totally killing my mornings….

Anyways, The weather has been a whole lot nicer these days, yesterday it was only 70! I was thrilled. I am pretty sure we are going to be back in the 90s by the end of the week though. BOOO.

Moral of the story, the weather has been awesome and I love it.

IMG_3840Don’t judge my flabby white arms.





Shirt: Marshall’s
Skirt: Target
Jacket: Nordstrom Rack
Shoes: Steve Madden (DSW)
Jewelry: Premier Designs

PS. I was trying to find some entertaining apps to get for my phone and I found a lie detector app. It was hilarious. And told me I didn’t like chocolate….so I deleted it. It was entertaining for a good 5 minutes though.

Who has some good suggestions for some awesome apps for android phones??

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The Tables Have Turned.

Cody is officially sick. I am sorta playing good non-wifey right now. And by sorta, I mean, I made pasta roni for dinner because I told him I wasn’t making him salmon…..I am terrible. oops. I brought him water and didn’t go to a friend’s birthday to stay home and do stuff for him…that counts, right??

Other than that, I have multiple things on my mind right now. Everything is jumbled together. I just wrote a few thank you notes and put them in the mail box already and now I can’t remember if they make any sense. I am not very good at re-reading/editing what I wrote. So hopefully they make sense.

Also, I needed to share this with you:

That is all for today.

Happy Wednesday!

PS. I love wednesday now that I am working. It means that the week is almost over!

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I Am Going To Keep This Short And Not So Sweet….

Before I start, does anyone know where I can find pretty HTC one X phone cases besides Etsy?

You know that song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line? I love that song. It’s definitely my ringtone. I do feel like I need to specify which song I mean, though. I like the country version.

As in this one:

It is pretty much amazing. Don’t even try to deny it.

After saying all that, I now need to tell you what I can’t stand.

The non country stations now play a “remix” of this song featuring Nelly. SERIOUSLY?!?!? It makes me really sad inside. No, but really though. It is not allowed to be played in my presence. It is awful.

Dear Country music artists,
Please stop letting non country people remix your songs…they sound dumb and they make me sad.
The girl who liked you for you.

Ok, that was my rant. I am done…well at least for now. Sorry if I offended any of you Nelly lovers.


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My Dog Is Smelly.

This weekend was busy. I hung out Friday night with one of my friends that I was really close with growing up. She has gone through some interesting changes and she is now gender neutral. I haven’t really talked to her in years (we kinda lost touch after our freshman year of college) so it was a huge change to see her. BUT she is totally the same in every other way. It was really good to see her and Cody thought she was totally awesome. The only bummer thing was that neither her nor Cody were very good at helping me pick out bridal shower wrapping paper….BOOOO.

Saturday I had a bridal shower. It was supposed to be from 11-2 but it went til 3 and they didn’t feed us! RUDE. Afterwards, I went to the little boy I nanny’s dad’s law school graduation party. That family is so awesome. And the dad has so many degrees its not even funny. But the best part about it all was that I even got diplomas from law school!


On Sunday we kidnapped my sister after temple and took her up to Cody’s parents house. We saw a few open houses (my sister and I love doing that kind of stuff) and Cody’s parent’s pawned stuff off on us….my poor garage.

So thats what we did, plus I was trying to get over this stupid nausea-y-ness . What did you do?

Happy Monday!

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