My Thumb Is Getting Greener.

You know when you hear a super old song on the radio that you grew up with and you still somehow remember all the words? Well that happened to me on my way home from work today. Any of you remember this song:

Ok there are like 3 lines in that song, so maybe that is why I could remember all the words….Also, look at those outfits! WHHHAAAATTT! BAhahah! Man, I totally loved this song back in the day.

Anyways, back to my getting greener thumb.

Our garden is growing!

webIMG_3572Look at my big ole tomato plant! Its funny because we planted both tomato plants at the same time and the cherry tomatoes are doing so much better than the normal tomatoes. We already have some cherry tomatoes growing! Also, That Zucchini plant is a monster! I am so excited!

We used to have a row of onions but they all decided to commit mass suicide on the same day for some reason…and so did half of our carrots, but some of them resisted the urge!

IMG_3565I think our chive plant needs a hair cut.

IMG_3562Strawberries! I am super excited! We even have some red ones already 🙂

IMG_3564These are melons (don’t ask me what kind). I am totally impressed that they are actually growing because we planted them as seeds. We will see how they do. If they do well enough, they may have to move containers.

IMG_3567Don’t judge this little mint plant. I have been using it every day to put in my lemon, cucumber, mint water so it is a little dinky right now. I think I need to switch it up and use some basil or some rosemary and let this plant grow some more.

IMG_3589This is our edible container garden that is doing SOWELL!!

It used to look like this:
IMAG0970I am so excited at how well it is doing! Especially because I didn’t know if it was going to get enough sun being by our door. It only gets like 3 hours of sun each day.

IMG_3590There are tomatoes and marigolds (which technically isn’t part of the edible-ness), thyme, and some purple and white little flowers that are tucked in there somewhere that I can’t remember the name of.

IMG_3588And then there is the lime tree. We had to cut all the branches off because everything was dead but this little stick bit. I think this makes my thumb less green…. BUT the lemon plant (which I don’t have a good photo of and it is dark outside so I can’t take one now) is doing totally awesome!

So there you have it. My gardening skills (or lack there of on some plants)!

Happy Wednesday!

PS. It is incredibly windy out right now! I am glad the tree fell on our cars last year so we don’t have to worry about it this year! (knock on wood!)

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5 thoughts on “My Thumb Is Getting Greener.

  1. I am very impressed by the garden. Especially since I live in an apartment and am not very good at that sort of thing! Your blog name is so cool

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