I Am Too White To Wear Dresses Just Yet.

I don’t know what happened. I was sick all last week and have been feeling better, it has just been the sniffles lately (which I have been blaming on the wind) but then I came home from work today and made some super delish lasagna and when I was done, I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Seriously! I was just getting over this ugly sick thing. I am so not a fan. So here is my super short post with my dress that I found at marshall’s and am now realizing that maybe I should have laid out in the sun a little bit first before wearing this dress. So put on your sun glasses because I am about to blind you. Also please ignore the ridiculousness of this post. I am writing this after I took benedryl and I think it is starting to kick in. Who knew 8pm was bed time…

IMG_3551Also, this dress looks shorter than it is…I swear I am no hoochey mamma….most of the time.

IMG_3527Because I must point out that I am wearing my Premier Designs jewelry 😉


IMG_3554Happy Thursday!

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6 thoughts on “I Am Too White To Wear Dresses Just Yet.

    • It is getting bad lol. I was at a bridal shower this weekend and I am so white that within a few minutes of sitting in the sun I was totally sunburnt! UGH. I need to figure my life out haha!


      We have plenty of sun here. I just wish it would go away! It has been like 95 this whole month! (ok maybe not the whole month) But i think i need to start embracing it and get a tan.

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