Because Who Doesn’t Need Good Puppy Photos On A Monday.

How is it already monday!?!

warning: there are a lot of things that are not capitalized that should be. Today, I do not care. deal with it.

This is going to be super short. Mostly because I was so busy this weekend that I forgot it was sunday until it was past my bed time. SO…This weekend was filled with all things Premier Designs and it was amazing. Like no joke. Also, I got to see my family for my uncle and my g-ma’s birthday/cinco de mayo.

Also, not only was May 4 star wars day, it marked the day that we brought Ellie home 1 year ago. I love that girl. Seriously. She is totally my child and she makes me completely happy. I had no idea.












308544_10100592451239878_889412722_nHappy Monday!

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