High 5 For Tuesday.

So I am feeling pretty inadequate about this whole blogging thing right now. Between me new job and being super amped up about Premier again, this whole writing relevant and interesting content thing has taken a pretty far back seat. Not like a normal back seat but like in one of those old station wagons where they have the back seat and then behind that there are basically seats in the trunk and you face the back window instead of the normal direction. Yea. Back there. So I am sorry for all this lame sauceyness that has been going on lately. This whole working everyday thing is weird and I miss being lazy (in a way) so when I get home, basically I head straight for the couch and don’t move until it is time for bed. Unless I am making dinner or doing something premier-ified or what not. So here is my High 5 for Tuesday. And hopefully I will get my act together  sooner rather than later, so you all don’t get too bored and quite reading this little blog….

1. New tires. Thank you Costco for your discount on buying all 4 tires. I do wish that you didn’t have as many stupid people working there as you do, though.

2. My second Stitch Fix came and I am so in love. I will tell you all about it on Thursday and the story of my first fix will be in there too.

3. Um. It rained. Hello awesomeness.

4. Getting free Chipotle or Chick-fila with my school employee idea today if I want it. I probably won’t get any but it is always nice to have that option!

5. My Target haul. And by haul, I mean my 2 new things from Target. I am so in love. I am super bummed we can’t wear open toed shoes to work. If I could live in this shirt, I would.

So there you have it. Tuesday. Good luck with the rest of your week!

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6 thoughts on “High 5 For Tuesday.

    • Right! I have been seeing them everywhere in the blogging world, and I needed to get some for myself. I still haven’t worn them yet though 😦 stupid no open toe shoes at work rule.

    • you already read about my stitch fix lol I am so late at responding to comments right now! haha. oops.

      But yes GIANTS!!!! booooooo dodgers! Fail.

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