Stitch Fix 1 & 2.

Is anyone else’s wordpress acting all funky? This is getting annoying…

Anyways, I have been talking about this Stitch Fix thing for a while. Basically, you sign up (yes, there is a waiting list right now) and you fill out your style profile. Then you schedule your “Fix” and they send you some clothes and if you like them you buy them and if you don’t then you send them back. Easy. The service costs $20 and that styling fee is applied to your order if you buy something.

Here is my experience with them so far.

I will start off by saying that they are in their beta period and it is not perfect. But I am pretty sure the pros outweigh the cons.

My first fix was an absolute disaster. I am going to half take the blame and give the rest to them. Thats why it took me so long to reveal my fix to you. I needed to wait to get the next one so that you got a real idea of the company.

Here was my first fix. Please remember that my first fix was terrible but make sure to read about my second fix below it.

photo-16This jacket could have been cute. Maybe. BUT it is about to be 100+ degrees for the next few months so heavy jackets are not even close to being on my list of things that I need right now.

photo-15I am not too sure what was going on here. My boobs are way to big for this and I am definitely not skinny enough for it.

photo-14This shirt was super soft. But that was all that was good about it.

photo-13This shirt made me feel like a hooker. And I definitely told them that too.

382013_10100586094703428_750089209_nThis blue bracelet was the only decent thing that came in my box. And I didn’t want to loose my styling fee so kept it.

I was completely gutted with this box. I was so bummed I wrote them an email about my disappointment. I even thought that they had sent me someone else’s box! I had been waiting months to get a job so I could sign up for this and then I had to be put on a waiting list and finally got my box and this was what was in it.

Thankfully they wrote me back an amazing email and gave me a credit. I wasn’t expecting anything from the email but was thrilled when they did give me a credit. I scheduled my next fix for as soon as I could and it came on Tuesday.

This fix was so much better. I don’t know if it was the email I sent, or how I tweaked my style profile, or the comments and feedback I gave them with my first fix, but whatever it was, this one was fabulous!


When I first saw this shirt, I was a little nervous about the peter pan collar. And the amount of flowyness. But the longer I had it on the more I loved it.

The flowyness.

IMG_3687Then there was this skirt. And at first I was like birds? Are you serious? But the cut/fit of this skirt is FABULOUS.

This shirt was super comfy. You can’t tell in the photo but the cream fabric is textured and the navy fabric is lace.

IMG_3652And the back has this mesh window, which adds to the interestingness of it. It is also totally comfy.

IMG_3630Hello new love of my life. I LOVED this shirt. How cute is it!!!

PS. All the jewelry I am wearing is Premier.

IMG_3733And then there was this dress. It totally fit my boobs perfectly. Yes, I am extremely white right now, but I am hoping to change that extremely soon!

So that was my second fix! What pieces do you think I kept?? I will tell you tomorrow πŸ™‚

So I totally am in love with stitch fix. There were some billing issues that I still am sort of having issues with. They sent me a paper receipt with a different amount than what it said when I tried to check out on the computer. But we are trying to get that resolved. Like I said, they are still in beta so its not perfect yet.

Also, look at these super cute (and really high) shoes I got from Target! They were on clearance for like $9 bucks and they had some scuff marks on them so they gave me an extra 10% off PLUS I paid with my red card which game me more than a dollar off so they turned out to be less than $7!!! Total score!


Happy Thursday!!

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24 thoughts on “Stitch Fix 1 & 2.

  1. Hi Amanda, first time to your blog from Her & Nicole linky, ok I like the blue & white lace top, its very cute + I love the red dress, looks great on you and the polka dot, I will go with every time, the sleeves are nice, the fabric looks soft. The bracelets are a +++, I love jewelry!! Where did you get the gold and black flats? Come link and share over at Oh My Heartsie WW continues” w/Linky
    Have fun with the Fix!!

    • That polka dot shirt was definitely my favorite πŸ™‚ I think I need a little more color on my legs before I can wear that red dress. lol. I do totally love it htough and can’t wait to wear it! I got my flats at DSW. they are steve maddens and totally comfy. πŸ™‚

      The jewelry is all Premier Designs (Which I sell) so thank you!!!

  2. that second box is amazing! love all the items! you are such a cutie too…haha..ummm..i hope that sound too creepy. creepy! plus i LOVE those nude pumps!!! so cute!!!

    • hahah thanks girl! and the shoes! I have no idea when I will ever wear them but they were such a good deal that I just couldn’t pass it up! They are so high though eeek.

    • Hey girl! I love your second box too and actually jealous! I think I liked every single item you got in your second box than i’ve got in all mine haha! I like what i’ve got but I seriously LOVE everything in your box! i might need some tips on how you got these items! πŸ™‚ Looking great!

      • THey did such a good job! Basically I wrote them a ummmm super classy email about how disappointed I was in my previous fix and that they made me feel like a hooker lol. I apparently don’t have a filter…. but whatever I did totally worked lol!

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  4. Ha! I love the differences in your faces! That’s so nice that they were accomodating. Thanks for linking up with the BEST OF! I hope you have a great weekend!
    xx, Kristen

  5. You are the first to point out that they sent you a long sleeve jacket going into summer! I love your second fix. I just had mine and they sent me 4 jackets/long sleeve shirts and I am just flabbergasted! It’s summer! Plus I might add, I live in Southern California and it’s 95 degrees already. So excited you pointed out this problem as well. But glad you got a better fix the next time.

    • Seriously! I live in northern CA in the valley and it has been in the 90s pretty consistently here. you would think that being based in CA, they would know this but I guess they are in SF so its cold all year round there so maybe they are just out of the loop lol

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  7. I just bought that bird skirt from my last fix. Then browsing through ur post again reminded me that I saw the skirt on u before they sent it to me, and I remembered thinking what a cute skirt! Lol!

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