Gel Nail Polish

I think Mani/Pedis are probably one of the best things about having a job. When I do my own nails, my right hand always looks really dumb. The only problem with getting my nails done, is that at my job, I seriously wash my hands at least 10 times a day. Every time I see a kid, after I take them back to class, I wash my hands. These kids drool a lot and they really like to put their hands in their mouths. I don’t do bodily fluids well, so hand sanitizer and soap and water have become my new best friends BUT hand washing and nail polish don’t get along too well.

I have reached a discovery. I decided when I was in the nail salon the last time, that I would try getting the gel polish in a solid color. I had gotten the french gel polish for weddings before and thought that it was awesome that there was no dry time and that they lasted longer than regular polish but it didn’t last too much longer than normal. Also, I am one of those people that when it chips, I NEED to pick at the rest of the paint. I can’t just leave it. I know it’s terrible, but I know I am not the only one who does this.

Well I got my nails done on Saturday, April 27. Only this past Sunday, did I finally have to figure out how to take them off! That is a whole 15 days of nail polish without it chipping! I was totally impressed. It was definitely worth the extra $10.

The one con I found with this stuff, is figuring out to take it off. I searched pinterest and (obviously) found plenty of ways. I just felt really silly doing it.

IMAG1110Like I said, I felt ridiculous.

IMAG1107You need these things. You also need one of those wooden cuticle stick thingies. And they did say that you needed a remover with acetone in it, although I didn’t try it with an acetone free remover so I don’t know if it would work or not.

IMAG1109You need to buff the nail polish so that you break through that top clear coat. Then dip your cotton balls in the remover and place on your finger nail. Then cover with tin foil so it stays and wait.

IMAG1113After a little while, you can take them off and start scraping the nail polish off with your stick. This process works so much better if you have another person to help but this way definitely beats the alternative.

Have you found a better way to take off your gel polish?

Happy Tuesday!

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5 thoughts on “Gel Nail Polish

  1. The cotton ball method has never worked for me. I usually have to soak my finger tips in acetone for about 10 minutes then scrape with a stick. For some reason, they are a lot more efficient doing this at the salon than I am at home, but I try to keep the professional manicures to every other month (though I often cave and go in a few times in a row).

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