I Am An Awesome Procrastinator.

Basically, my friends are awesome. I love having friends that even though you haven’t seen them in a while or even talked in a while, the minute you get on the phone with them, it is like no time has passed at all. That happened yesterday. I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to find someone else to practice my Premier Designs business spiel on before I had to have my conference call at 8pm yesterday (cough cough blogger friends!). I definitely pulled out my friend card on my best friend growing up to make her listen to it. I figured I would get home from work around 3:30, skype with her for like an hour (because we know my 20 minute presentation isn’t all that we are going to talk about) and then read my 2 chapters of the book we are supposed to be reading all before the call that happens at 8. Totally doable, right? Well it was but my girlfriend and I skyped for a good 2.5 hours. Seriously, I love this girl. But once 6:30 rolled around we realized that we both had other things that we were supposed to be doing that evening. I just barely got through reading the chapters by 8! And by me reading, I really mean Cody reading to me…

After my call was over, I realized that I hadn’t eaten dinner nor had I written anything for today yet. I also just realized that I have a bridal shower to go to on Saturday and haven’t even looked for a gift yet….. See, I told you I am on top of things!

So this is what you get today. My sad sob story. That isn’t really sad or sobby….

What are some good last minute bridal shower gifts that you have given? I need ideas!

Happy Wednesday!

PS. We have bunnies that come and hang out on my school’s/work’s campus. I saw them for the first time yesterday and even got to give them carrots! Highlight of my life!

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