Guest Post #2, Or: ‘I Hope the Next Berry is Bigger’

By Cody (the bf)

Well, the unthinkable has happened. She’s letting me post again. I wrote a guest post back in December, and was sure I’d be banned from the controls of Amanda’s blog forever and ever. But, she’s not feeling well (her new job puts her in contact with a lot of germs) and I offered to write a post for her. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t suck!

Of all the things I’ve (sorta) figured out how to do in my many years on this planet, gardening is the one thing I would never be able to pass on to someone else. Mostly because any time I have a plant that doesn’t die, I’m amazed. Water and sunlight, right? But the lime tree had that, and it looks like Frosty the Snowman’s arm, stuck in a pot of dirt.

This year is the second year we’ve had a small garden in our backyard. It’s fun watching things grow, but it also seems like what we do is completely unrelated to what happens to the plants. Like, if I were to stop watering them, it would take long enough for them to die that I would probably forget why they’re suffering so much. Conversely, if the plants are doing great, I usually have no idea why.

So far our plants this year are somewhere in between. We have a zucchini plant that looks like it’s big enough to start plotting world domination, but our first strawberries of the season looked like this:

photo 4


I ate it (that’s my hand) and it tasted sweet and juicy, but I had to nibble away with ant-sized bites to avoid gulping it down all at once. I also felt really selfish eating it by myself (Amanda insisted, since the one she tried a few days earlier had been gross), since it was the only ripe one on the plant.

Obviously the strawberry plants aren’t going to be much use if they produce a handful of action-figure-sized fruits, so I need to think of a way to make them bigger… maybe I can draw some inspiration from my favorite TV show and add some radioactive material to the dirt to make them grow faster…

Leave a comment below and tell me what hare-brained scheme you would employ to help our strawberries grow bigger. Maybe we should just shrink ourselves so that they would seem bigger…?

P.S. If you’re reading this, you made it all the way through my post. What the heck is wrong with you??

P.P.S. Feel better, baby! I love you.


7 thoughts on “Guest Post #2, Or: ‘I Hope the Next Berry is Bigger’

  1. You know, i have to say that it is so sweet that cody guest posted for you. i don’t think my husband even reads my blog. fail. i look forward to see what you guys learn about growing strawberries because i have a black thumb and kill absolutely everything but planted stuff anyway. haha. hopefully i won’t fail at that. heh heh. hope you feel better, amanda! rawr! (um..i hope you get it!?) =)

  2. A lady I work with has a huge garden, like six 20 ft. long rows. It fascinates me. I’m struggling to keep my cilantro alive in my sad little window box herb garden! I have high hopes for a garden one day. I have no schemes…sorry! Hope you feel better Amanda!

    • My mom has a few of those. They aren’t the newest but I am totally jealous. Its funny though, in all my years of living at home, i never cared about gardening until I had my own!

      but you wanna know why your cilantro is struggling? because cilantro is gross. haha 😉

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