High 5 For Friday!

The only bad thing about today being Friday is that, it wasn’t Friday yesterday when I was sick and blowing groceries everywhere and had to take a day off of work. (TMI, I know) But now I have to go back to work because it is not Saturday…booo. Anyways besides the fact that I feel a lot better, here are my top 5 for the week.

1. Cody had to work an event last night and I was going to go and “network” my premier business but when I got sick and couldn’t go, he took a bunch of catalogs and handed them out when he had time. I was on FB later that evening and saw this. She was talking about Cody! HAHA Awesome. 🙂

Screen shot 2013-05-16 at 11.02.27 PM

2. My Birchbox and Ipsy bag arrived this week. and I am thrilled to say they were both awesome. photo-19

3. Feeding the wild bunnies at work.

4. Peetes running out of normal straws so they had to substitute them with bendy straws. I was totally ok with that.

5. This picture/story. Precious.

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