My Dog Is Smelly.

This weekend was busy. I hung out Friday night with one of my friends that I was really close with growing up. She has gone through some interesting changes and she is now gender neutral. I haven’t really talked to her in years (we kinda lost touch after our freshman year of college) so it was a huge change to see her. BUT she is totally the same in every other way. It was really good to see her and Cody thought she was totally awesome. The only bummer thing was that neither her nor Cody were very good at helping me pick out bridal shower wrapping paper….BOOOO.

Saturday I had a bridal shower. It was supposed to be from 11-2 but it went til 3 and they didn’t feed us! RUDE. Afterwards, I went to the little boy I nanny’s dad’s law school graduation party. That family is so awesome. And the dad has so many degrees its not even funny. But the best part about it all was that I even got diplomas from law school!


On Sunday we kidnapped my sister after temple and took her up to Cody’s parents house. We saw a few open houses (my sister and I love doing that kind of stuff) and Cody’s parent’s pawned stuff off on us….my poor garage.

So thats what we did, plus I was trying to get over this stupid nausea-y-ness . What did you do?

Happy Monday!

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