I Am Going To Keep This Short And Not So Sweet….

Before I start, does anyone know where I can find pretty HTC one X phone cases besides Etsy?

You know that song Cruise by Florida Georgia Line? I love that song. It’s definitely my ringtone. I do feel like I need to specify which song I mean, though. I like the country version.

As in this one:

It is pretty much amazing. Don’t even try to deny it.

After saying all that, I now need to tell you what I can’t stand.

The non country stations now play a “remix” of this song featuring Nelly. SERIOUSLY?!?!? It makes me really sad inside. No, but really though. It is not allowed to be played in my presence. It is awful.

Dear Country music artists,
Please stop letting non country people remix your songs…they sound dumb and they make me sad.
The girl who liked you for you.

Ok, that was my rant. I am done…well at least for now. Sorry if I offended any of you Nelly lovers.


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2 thoughts on “I Am Going To Keep This Short And Not So Sweet….

  1. So, I found your blog looking for people who also thought that The Unlikely Candidates sounded just like Panic! At the Disco! Very very odd! I discovered them on Bastille radio on Pandora and I just can’t get enough.

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