The Tables Have Turned.

Cody is officially sick. I am sorta playing good non-wifey right now. And by sorta, I mean, I made pasta roni for dinner because I told him I wasn’t making him salmon…..I am terrible. oops. I brought him water and didn’t go to a friend’s birthday to stay home and do stuff for him…that counts, right??

Other than that, I have multiple things on my mind right now. Everything is jumbled together. I just wrote a few thank you notes and put them in the mail box already and now I can’t remember if they make any sense. I am not very good at re-reading/editing what I wrote. So hopefully they make sense.

Also, I needed to share this with you:

That is all for today.

Happy Wednesday!

PS. I love wednesday now that I am working. It means that the week is almost over!

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