That Time I Survived An Earthquake: High 5 For Friday Edition.

I attended my first year of college in San Francisco (as well as visiting there all the time because my G-Ma lives there) where they are pretty much known for their earthquakes. I never experienced one. Not one. At least not while awake. I kinda felt cheated out of the San Francisco experience. But now my life has forever changed. Here in Sacramento, on Thursday night, I felt my first earthquake. INSACRAMENTO! Where we are not known for earthquakes. Like at all. Facebook is blowing up. This is serious stuff. The news is all over it. Like fo’ realz tho. Honestly, I thought it was our new “pet” rat that is living in the attic making a bunch of noise. And then Paul, our roommate, runs out of his room and says “did you feel that!!?”Cody is competing with the local tv news stations to put out a better story. (Obviously his is better, mostly because I love him and I hate the news, but also because his story is way more entertaining.)
Screen shot 2013-05-23 at 9.09.44 PM
Then someone said that Cody was wrong on how intense the quake was and I gave them a non filtered response. Cody said I should probably be nicer, but Paul said it was just hilarious. I am going to go with Paul’s answer.

1. So that was my first high five. It would be yours too.

2. This has been my desk at work lately. We are making playdoh…they just want to eat it…


3. I know I have already showed you this photo, but I just can’t get over it. Her tongue is just chillin’ folded over!


4. We found out our new June special and I am sooooo excited over it. (I am nerdy and I love this whole jewelry thing. Don’t judge.)943319_10100610226922268_144390557_n

5. I was totally entertained when I found this at Marshall’s the other day. Its only $5.99 at Marshall’s which is a steal when you compare it to it’s normal price of $6.00…Fail Marshall’s, fail. IMAG1155

How was your week??

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