My 200th Post!

How is it that I already have 200 posts? I think my real question is how I still have people that read my blog! So thank you! For dealing with me and/or stumbling across my little space.

So now I feel slightly obligated to make this post a little better than the ones that I have been posting for the past few days. Don’t get your hopes up though…

So since I have had my Ipsy and Birchbox for a little while now, I can give you more of a real review of them.

I said last month that I was going to give BB another month to step up their game, and I was totally ready to say see ya later aligator to them, but then my box came and I was pleasantly surprised.


IMAG1148I have never deep conditioned my hair before. I have “virgin” hair according to Kate from the small things blog. I am a little confused on what I am really supposed to do with it, though. I read Kate’s review of it, but I am a little confused….you do put this in wet hair, right?? haha. Well that is what I did. It made my hair seem pretty soft. I actually bought this with some BB points but I think I need to do some more research on really what I am supposed to do with it…unless you wanna tell me…

IMAG1149Honestly, I haven’t used this yet. I use the olay stuff right now and it is only like $10 and it doesn’t smell like anything. A full size of this costs $32 and it smells like cucumbers which reminds me of the time when I used cucumber melon lotion all the time and now the smell kinda makes me nauseous. I also have really sensitive skin, so I am pretty hesitant about what I put on my face.

IMAG1150I really like that this came wrapped. It is a good size too. I haven’t opened it yet though. Mostly because I never wear eyeliner. Also, I will never have to buy eyeliner again between all my BB and Ipsy bags.

IMAG1151Toothpaste. I am glad they didn’t send me the lavender flavor though. And I have been wondering what the hype is about this stuff. I am still not quite sure what all the fuss is about, especially at 10 bucks a pop. It is a good travel size though. It will be good when I go to texas in July.

IMAG1152I don’t really mind getting fragrances in my boxes. I don’t really want one in every box (or even every other box, for that matter) BUT, it means that my nose doesn’t have to get overwhelmed at the store trying to find a scent that I like PLUS it means that I never have to buy perfume again. Which is pretty awesome in my opinion because perfume is expensive and I am cheap.
Back to this specific perfume. The smell was just ok. It wasn’t “Fabulous.”

IMAG1153This pen. Let me tell you how awesome it is. It has purple ink! Which makes it a Hell Ya in my book! I just need to remember where I put it last…

IMAG1154So BB has earned themselves another month. They are still on probation though. I hope they keep up the good boxes like this one.

On to Ipsy:


IMAG1141So this is what I think is concealer. It is surprising actually pretty close to my skin tone but I don’t use concealer so maybe my trash will like it?

IMAG1142This was a really really really nice size. Great to through into your purse and take on the go. It is just a little too smelly for me. At least it smells good though 🙂 It is sparkly too so it gets all over your hands and you need to wash it off.

IMAG1143Full size purple sparkly zoya nail polish? YESPLEASE.


IMAG1144This lip gloss is nice. It isn’t sticky at all and it has a citrus-y scent to it. It doesn’t really have a color, though.

IMAG1145This was not my favorite scent at all. BUT it was a full size roller ball scent. I totally gave this away.

So those were my bags/boxes this month. I thought both were really good this time around. I am hoping BB can keep it up.

Do you get BB or Ipsy? What were your boxes like this month??

Also, who can tell me how to use that deep conditioner??
Don’t judge me! I know I am not the only one who doesn’t know how to do this!

Happy Wednesday!

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10 thoughts on “My 200th Post!

  1. I got the hair conditioner a few months ago (and was totally confused what to do with it) and loved it! I just put it in after I shampooed and let it sit for like 5 minutes and then rinsed it out. I kept it near the ends so my scalp didn’t get oily. I need to buy some actually! It did great things for my hair!

    • Awesome! I am doing it right haha. I bought the smaller bottle. it was like 12 bucks or something. It can’t hurt to do it to my hair 1 a month right??

  2. I think it’s always hard when you subscribe to these things because you never know what you’re going to get. Glad you like this months.

    Don’t forget to link up to my weekly Tres-Chic Fashion Link Up. Hope to see you there.


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    • I am hoping that with their new “makeover” they will get a little better. I am not going to hold my breath though. They haven’t been very good.

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