Cody Likes To Delete My Photos…..Butthead.

So Cody decided it was a good idea to delete my outfit photos that I hadn’t used. (In his defense, he thought they were on my computer already. Just let me be annoyed with it ok?!)

Anyways, I went to a bridal shower for a friend of mine a few weeks back in the country and felt the need to wear my boots. Unfortunately these are the only photos I have because somebody  **coughcoughcodycoughcough** decided to delete the others.

PS. The lighting is a little weird in these. And I am way too lazy to open photoshop right now.


IMG_3944One. My face is awesome. Two. This is one of those dresses that if you twirl, people can see your undies, and since the title of this little blog is called not your dirty underwear I will stop there, you get it. I ain’t no Marilyn Monroe. (Yes I am wearing clean underwear…ok this just got weird. I am really going to stop now. The internets know too much…)


Dress: Francesca’s
Belt: Francesca’s
Boots: Ariats
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Happy Thursday!!!

Linking up with Rekita, Lauren, Agi, and Tara

PS. Happy birthday Cody, I love your face more than you know and I am so lucky that I get to be in your life! Thank you for loving me!!!

4 thoughts on “Cody Likes To Delete My Photos…..Butthead.

  1. Love your outfit. The dress is very pretty and i love the candid one the best. Thanks for linking up today.


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