Stitch Fix # 3

I have been a total slacker about posting about my Stitch Fix. Honestly, I have been trying to decide how I want to do it (I am probably just over thinking it…a lot.). I couldn’t really decide so I just took some photos of what I got and am posting them. I kept the entire box and I am really glad I did. There were a few things in there I originally only kept because it was cheaper to buy the whole box then it was to not buy the whole box…ya know? But I ended up loving those pieces just as much if not more than the pieces I really wanted in the first place.

Here is what I got:

PS. Don’t judge how wrinkly they are. some of them I wear all the time and sit in piles on my dresser because it is easier to grab them, than it is to fold them and put them away all the time. IMG_5011Like I said, don’t mind the wrinkles. I have already shown you these jeans here. But seriously, they are amazing. And I love them and I wish it wasn’t 108 degrees outside so I could still wear them.

IMG_5012You can see how this dress fits on here. I love this dress. I have already worn it multiple times and every time, I get compliments. It is the perfect length and it isn’t heavy and it fits my boobs!

IMG_5016This shirt I wasn’t too crazy about at first. But I wore it with white shorts and it looked really cute. SO I guess I am not sad that I kept it.

IMG_5022I have a confession to make. I really like this necklace. I don’t really buy jewelry anymore because I sell it, and I just can’t justify spending more money on jewelry especially if I can’t make it a tax write off. But I really like this piece. You can see it on here.

IMG_5020When I tried this shirt on the first time, I was nowhere near impressed. I was actually kind of disappointed by how boring it was. BUT BOY WAS I WRONG. I love this shirt! It looks AMAZING tucked into skirts and the color is great and it is incredibly soft. Seriously, I am so glad I realized  how amazing this shirt was.

So that was my Stitch Fix. I am completely happy with this service so far. It is so much better than actually having to go to the mall and pick out my own clothes…

Happy Monday!

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The Most Needed High 5 For Friday.

Yesterday was a weird day. The speech therapist that I work with was rushed to the hospital yesterday during work. That man is amazing. He has so many difficulties in his life but he has done so much with it. More than I could ever imagine even doing with mine. He should be ok. I just feel terrible. He is living in a hotel right now because his home and his wife are multiple towns away and we were desperate for an SLP for the summer so he said he would come and help us out. So his wife is super far away and doesn’t have a car. Oye. It is just a mess. I feel awful. And sad. I want to go and make him a casserole or something so he has warm food. But most of all I don’t want him to feel like he is alone.

So this High 5 For Friday is needed. I need to remember the good things that happened this week. I have to. So let’s get to it.

IMG_20130625_1333011. My Mary kay VoxBox from Influenster came. I love free stuff.

IMG_20130622_1517432. Baseball games. The only time it is ever socially acceptable to pay more than $10 for a blue moon.

IMG_20130626_1414483. The best sandwich place in town got a makeover. They close at 2pm and I got there at 2:01 and the doors were locked. They took pity on me and let me in. THANK YOU!!!

IMG_20130627_2104504. Trying not to eat a whole cheesecake from Trader Joe’s in one sitting by myself.

IMG_20130621_2334585. Just because flowers. I love this man.

Those were the good things that happened. They were pretty good.

Happy Friday.

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Surviving The Heat.

Monday and Tuesday we had beautiful weather. It was rainy and cold and beautiful and I loved it. I got to wear pants and sweaters and cozy up on the couch and begin watching Scandal and eat grilled cheese and tomato soup. Seriously, it was some amazing stuff. And then came wednesday. It was hot and muggy and today is going to be even worse. I am not looking forward to this coming week’s weather.

Screen shot 2013-06-26 at 8.33.48 PM

Last week I went to my CAbi lady’s 50% off sale and snatched up this amazing shirt. It was perfect for yesterday’s weather because it is so soft and light and flowy. My only problem with it, I have no jewelry to match it….Weird, right?






Shirt: CAbi
Pants: Stitch Fix
Shoes: Steve Madden
Jewelry: Premier Designs

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Birchbox vs. Ipsy.

Its that time again, Birchbox vs Ipsy. You know you love it, so lets get started.


BB changed up their logo, website, boxes, and supposedly other things this month. They sent me a pretty good box this time. I hope these types of changes are things that I see more of. I am not thrilled with the new layout design but the actual box this month was good.


IMAG1285They sent us these postcards…I am not too sure what to do with them just yet, but they are cute.

IMAG1274Ok, I am tired of getting these. I am not paying $12 for hair ties. It is just not going to happen. BUT, they are cute in my hair when I am in need. So I guess I can’t complain too much.

IMAG1273This was fun to try and it was a really good size. The only thing is, it is really pink. As in Barbie pink. As in, I don’t know if I can pull it off Barbie pink. We will see.
IMAG1269Everyone got one of Color Club’s Wanderlust collection polishes. I love getting nail polish. I really do. I am so cheap that it is hard to pay 9-10 bucks for the better stuff, to not use all of it. As much as I love getting nail polish, I am not a fan of color club nor am I a fan of this color. They chose the colors and this is what they picked? Really? I miss  the days when we got Essie and Zoya.

IMAG1266This stuff was interesting. It is an exfoliating foaming cleanser, which is weird and cool. You think it is going to feel like a normal scrub but it is firm. It was weird. It smells like ginger when it is in the tub but when it is on your face it smells like a lemon head. And then it gets foamy and then you rinse it off and your face is really smooth. I don’t think I will be purchasing it any time soon but it was a nice sample to get.

IMAG1264I think this sample is what made me love my BB so much this month. Seriously. Amazing. I don’t care that it is $18, I am buying it. I think I can probably do a whole post on this stuff and I just might.

Even though I might not have been thrilled with everything in my box this time, there were no foil packets and and things were decent sizes and fun to try. I am ok with that. It makes me happier with them.


I LOVED Ipsy’s bag (the actual bag) this month. I normally use the bags for Premier related items, but this one I am keeping. The stuff inside wasn’t my favorite, however.


IMAG1284This is the one thing that I really liked in my bag this month. It is a highlighter pencil. I never would have tried this if I had to buy one but this is pretty cool. The only thing is that I haven’t waxed my eyebrows in forever and this “highlights” that lol.

IMAG1283Lip Pencils are weird.

IMAG1282These will be good for halloween…My eyelashes are pretty long already and I wear glasses so making them longer just isn’t really an option.

IMAG1281Brown blush? Are you sure this isn’t mislabeled??? Weird.

IMAG1279I know, I know, normally my whole  motto us that you can never have too much sparkle. Well….I was wrong, this is too much sparkle.

So that was my bag. The bag itself was fabulous and the highlighter pencil was awesome too. Everything else was just not really my style. BUT, like Birchbox, Just because they aren’t necessarily my taste, they were all really good sizes, actually, all the stuff in Ipsy was full size (I am pretty sure)

So that was what I got. Do you get BB or Ipsy? What did you get this month? Do you like one over the other?

Happy Wednesday!

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Pinning Frenzies.

I was lazy after work today. It is beautiful outside. It is raining and cold and I love it. I got home and for lunch, Cody made Velveeta grilled cheese and tomato rice soup. Basically, my mind is gushy and relaxed and probably not able to find anything interesting to write about. So, if you are already following me on Pinterest,then you may have already seen all this already. But here are a few things I have been loving on Pinterest lately.









You can find all these pins on my Pinterest. I am too lazy to link them all up right now.

What are you loving on pinterest lately?

Happy Tuesday!

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Monday Blues.

Seriously Monday? How are you already here!? I need more time! I just don’t get how this weekend flew by SO FAST!

Oh wait, yes I do.

Friday, right after work I rushed over to nanny until 10pm. Good thing they had Chipotle waiting for me when I got there, or else I wouldn’t have survived. Also, we swam for a few hours too so that took up a good chunk of time.

Saturday, we went to San Francisco to see the Giants play. I love me some Giants. What I don’t love is sitting in the melting sun waiting for one of the teams to get their stuff together and score so we could go home. The giants finally stepped their game up at the bottom of the 11th inning…THEBOTTOMOFTHE11THININNGINGAREYOUSERIOUS?!?!?!? It was the slowest game I think I have ever watched. It was 1-1 the entire time with nobody even getting on base. It was just out after out after out. I mean, I know that it is baseball and all, but this was just slow!

IMAG1248Good thing they gave us bobble heads for attending the game.

We left Ellie at my dad’s house while we were at the game so when we picked her up, this is how I was greeted. PUPPYSWARM!

Sunday, my momma came over in the morning and we went to breakfast and picked out a new zucchini plan and mint plant because ours weren’t looking so hot….well that was the wrong word, they were definitely hot…they just weren’t looking very good and they haven’t been producing at all…photo-21

Poor zucchini plant. 
Hopefully these do better.

I then had a bunch of Premier Designs stuff going on and then came home to eat apple pie and ice cream in bed at 10pm. That is normal, right?

How was your weekend??

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High 5 For Friday!

I have survived my first week of summer school at work. Its funny how much joy those little stinkers…er…uhhh…I mean…kids, bring me. I can’t believe there are only 10 school days left! Summer school is so short! And I get done at 12:45. I have to admit that it is pretty awesome.

So onto my H54F.

It has been an amazing week (well actually month) for shopping.

IMG_20130620_2118481. One of my girlfriends sells Mary Kay and she was selling off a bunch of inventory at 50% off So I was able to stock up on things that I needed (and wanted) for SUPER CHEAP. Total score.

IMG_20130620_2113532. My Cabi lady was having that same 50% off sale yesterday so I was able to get some really cute stuff for a really good price. I am so excited!

IMG_20130618_0719413. I have actually been eating breakfast before work. Those aren’t just normal waffles, they are wheat free, yeast free, gluten free, preservative free, pretty much everything free waffles from Trader Joe’s #WhatTheHeckAreTheseMadeOf?

IMG_20130618_1907334. Sending out fun mail to my Premier Designs‘ hostesses. I wish I got mail that looked like this.

5. The fact that my Mani/Pedi still looks super good and I got it last Thursday! It was just a normal one too, not even a gel polish. Totally impressed.

So that was my week. What were your favorite things that happened??

Happy Friday!

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You May Need To Put Sunglasses On For This Post.

My pinky totally was just twitching uncontrollably. It kept hitting the shift key without me doing anything. Totally weird. So if there are any typos in this post, blame my pinky, not me.

Ok, also, I am so white it’s not even funny. So go bust out your gafas de sol so you can proceed without blinding yourself with my whiteness.








Dress: Stitch Fix
Shoes: Bakers
Jewelry: Premier Designs

Happy Thursday!

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I am busting out my soap box right now. So watch out. Just FYI.

I want to talk about job searching. Especially right out of college. As in your first time ever trying to find a full time job. Note that I said full time. Full time and part time are different, I’m talking about first time, straight out of college, looking for a job with benefits and a retirement plan. Don’t expect to get your dream job right off the bat. Or even within a few months. Especially if you are in a field with 9382572382309742985 people who are looking for a job. It is tough out there! And remember that there is always going to be someone with more experience than you looking for a job too.

Finding a job is hard work. Even if you have an awesome resume and cover letter and great experience. Don’t get mad or frustrated after a month if you don’t find a job. (you can get mad and frustrated everyday, but don’t think that there is something wrong with you because you haven’t found a job yet)

Use any and all resources you have. Apply for jobs that you would be ok with having until you find your dream job. Also, don’t think that you are about to get paid a crap ton of money your first run out. It ain’t gonna happen. If it does happen, then, right on! But don’t not take your dream job because it pays you $5,000 less than what you want to be making.

I know that everyone’s situation is completely different. I have just hear a lot of people talk about how they are sucking because they haven’t found a job yet and they graduated a month ago…

Another thing to realize that if you aren’t yet looking for a job but will be soon, don’t think that it will necessarily happen right away. It most likely won’t. It might, but it probably won’t, so have a plan, and a back up plan.

Trying to find a job sucks. It is a full time job. But remember to enjoy the time you have off. You aren’t going to get that again for a really long time.

You may not agree with me and that is ok. This is my opinion. I hope you read this and feel better, not like I am trying to attack anyone. Because I am not. Basically I am saying that finding a job is hard. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find one right away.

On a lighter note:

Happy Wednesday!

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Bailey’s Cupcakes.

A few months ago, my girlfriend made Irish coffee cupcakes. OMG they were the most amazing things ever. And I don’t even like the taste of hard alcohol. I could have eaten the whole batch. They were awesome.

Paul (our roommate) had his birthday last week and for it I decided to make him some of these cupcakes. He is super alcohol aficionado. He is a classy man. And what classy man doesn’t like cupcakes especially ones with alcohol in them. My only dilemma was that Paul doesn’t like coffee. So I found a recipe online and made it my own. And I will throw this out here now so it doesn’t surprise you when you read on…not that it should. I don’t make cupcakes from scratch if I can use a box instead. Lets get real, I am baking you cupcakes. you can’t be picky. Also, these probably taste better than my cakes made from scratch…I haven’t quite gotten a handle on that just yet. They always come out dry! At least my cakes do. I have never done cupcakes…I don’t think it would be any different though.

webphoto-20PS. I wear super practical clothing when I bake.

For the cupcakes, you need:
Box of chocolate cake mix
1 cup of oil
1 cup of baileys
1/4 cup of water
1 box of instant chocolate pudding

Mix everything together. Bake at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes.
Be prepared, when you put the mix into the cupcake tins, it is super thick and gooey and takes forever to transfer…at least for me it did.

For the frosting you need:
1 cup of of heavy whipping cream
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 tablespoon of sugar
2 tablespoons of Baileys

My suggestion for the whipped cream is to add the Baileys after the whipped cream has started to form peaks. (when it is like real whipped cream) Then add the Baileys and mix it some more.

Happy Tuesday!

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