Weekend Recap.

This weekend there was a lot of stuff going on. There wasn’t much time to take any photos.

But here are a few things that I felt were awesome. And maybe semi-interesting/entertaining for you. 🙂

photo 1Obviously this is the most important thing that happened all weekend. I mean, come on, how does this not make you feel better.

We had our book club meeting this weekend and chose our new book. I am excited for it to come.

photo 2Finding the most creepy super man pillow…

IMG_20130602_204559Trying to keep myself in check and not keep this ring….(I had a customer order the wrong size so I am needing to return it to get her the right size.) Life is hard!

photo 3Awesome finds in the sears optical department…

IMG_20130601_145334Getting paid to play at the pool with this awesome dude on a 100 degree day.

IMG_20130601_101423S’mores doughnuts.
photo 4We went looking at rings again this weekend (He hasn’t asked yet, we are just “looking”). I found a pretty one. When I got home I decided that my finger didn’t look as nice without the ring so I sat like this for a while. Cody gave me funny looks.

So that was part of my weekend. What did you do??

Linking up with Molly.

4 thoughts on “Weekend Recap.

  1. Too cute. The ring is gorgeous!!!

    Don’t forget to link up this Thursday for my Tres-Chic Fashion Thursday Link up.



    • Right! Sparkles make everything prettier!

      And the smores doughnut came from our friend’s doughnut shop. They make amazing doughnuts including vegan ones but its a pretty hipster place lol.

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