High 5 For Friday!

Is it weird that our new neighbor NEVER closes his garage door? Like ever. It is open all night long and during the day while he is gone at work. The garage door to his backyard is also always wide open. I think it is weird. I feel like it is an open invitation for someone to go through his stuff. Which makes me nervous because I don’t want them peeking into whatever we might have that they may like lol. Part of me wants to call their landlord but a bigger part of me says to leave it alone. The guy will learn. I dunno. It’s totally weird. He seems like a nice dude though. He always waves to us in the morning as he leaves for work with his garage door open…this isn’t a small town in Texas, ya know.

Anyways on to some awesome stuff.

Here are my 5 for the week!

1. I am officially on summer vacation for the next 11 days! EEEK! Totally stoked off this. I am thinking I need to go visit my G-Ma in San Francisco for a few days to beat this 104 degree heat that Sacramento is supposed to have…gross.

2. J. Crew had an AMAZING sale! We drove down to the outlets thursday and went and bought a really good amount of stuff! Everything in the store was 40% off plus I had an extra 10% off coupon to use on top of all that! 060613_f_40off_everything_02
3. I got a BUNCH of fun mail this past week. I can’t wait to share! It is just to overwhelming to do in my H54F.

4. We began my official start of summer by going to eat outside. Also, margaritas during the week were awesome. (I normally am a baby and don’t drink on the weekdays and am in bed by 10:30…not that the bed time thing is different now that I am on break!)
5. Some of my kids at work made me this. Seriously, it almost made me cry. Also, if you knew the types of kids I worked with, you would be in tears too.

970641_10100624151407488_303261525_nSo there it is. How was your week!

Happy Summer!

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