I am busting out my soap box right now. So watch out. Just FYI.

I want to talk about job searching. Especially right out of college. As in your first time ever trying to find a full time job. Note that I said full time. Full time and part time are different, I’m talking about first time, straight out of college, looking for a job with benefits and a retirement plan. Don’t expect to get your dream job right off the bat. Or even within a few months. Especially if you are in a field with 9382572382309742985 people who are looking for a job. It is tough out there! And remember that there is always going to be someone with more experience than you looking for a job too.

Finding a job is hard work. Even if you have an awesome resume and cover letter and great experience. Don’t get mad or frustrated after a month if you don’t find a job. (you can get mad and frustrated everyday, but don’t think that there is something wrong with you because you haven’t found a job yet)

Use any and all resources you have. Apply for jobs that you would be ok with having until you find your dream job. Also, don’t think that you are about to get paid a crap ton of money your first run out. It ain’t gonna happen. If it does happen, then, right on! But don’t not take your dream job because it pays you $5,000 less than what you want to be making.

I know that everyone’s situation is completely different. I have just hear a lot of people talk about how they are sucking because they haven’t found a job yet and they graduated a month ago…

Another thing to realize that if you aren’t yet looking for a job but will be soon, don’t think that it will necessarily happen right away. It most likely won’t. It might, but it probably won’t, so have a plan, and a back up plan.

Trying to find a job sucks. It is a full time job. But remember to enjoy the time you have off. You aren’t going to get that again for a really long time.

You may not agree with me and that is ok. This is my opinion. I hope you read this and feel better, not like I am trying to attack anyone. Because I am not. Basically I am saying that finding a job is hard. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t find one right away.

On a lighter note:

Happy Wednesday!

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2 thoughts on “My PSA

  1. It really is hard finding a job right after college. I think a lot of college grads are expecting to find their dream job making 6 figures right after college, and that just isn’t the case (like you said). It really is fun to enjoy the journey…even though it doesn’t feel that way during it!

  2. Looking for a job after college is hard, especially since the job market sucks right now. I agree with you. Enjoy the time off because once you start working, everything changes.

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