Monday Blues.

Seriously Monday? How are you already here!? I need more time! I just don’t get how this weekend flew by SO FAST!

Oh wait, yes I do.

Friday, right after work I rushed over to nanny until 10pm. Good thing they had Chipotle waiting for me when I got there, or else I wouldn’t have survived. Also, we swam for a few hours too so that took up a good chunk of time.

Saturday, we went to San Francisco to see the Giants play. I love me some Giants. What I don’t love is sitting in the melting sun waiting for one of the teams to get their stuff together and score so we could go home. The giants finally stepped their game up at the bottom of the 11th inning…THEBOTTOMOFTHE11THININNGINGAREYOUSERIOUS?!?!?!? It was the slowest game I think I have ever watched. It was 1-1 the entire time with nobody even getting on base. It was just out after out after out. I mean, I know that it is baseball and all, but this was just slow!

IMAG1248Good thing they gave us bobble heads for attending the game.

We left Ellie at my dad’s house while we were at the game so when we picked her up, this is how I was greeted. PUPPYSWARM!

Sunday, my momma came over in the morning and we went to breakfast and picked out a new zucchini plan and mint plant because ours weren’t looking so hot….well that was the wrong word, they were definitely hot…they just weren’t looking very good and they haven’t been producing at all…photo-21

Poor zucchini plant. 
Hopefully these do better.

I then had a bunch of Premier Designs stuff going on and then came home to eat apple pie and ice cream in bed at 10pm. That is normal, right?

How was your weekend??

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